Gathering Graces 1/4/2019

*Paul headed to Coeur d’Alene for a doctor’s appointment, and I stayed home and returned to The Gentleman from Moscow: A Novel.  To me, the writing style is reminiscent of Victor Hugo and his book Les Miserable, in that the author communicates with the reader, telling things the reader should know and pay close attention to during the telling of the story.  It is a very well written tale.
*I got a little nap in this morning, then figured taking a shower may wake me up.  It did the trick!!  Then I was able to prep for my evening classes and for my classes I would teach tomorrow morning. 
*When Paul returned for Coeur d’Alene, we watched the rest of Lethal Weapon 2, and got a little taste of Lethal Weapon 3.  We will finish it tomorrow.
*Paul continues to make improvements to the basement.  The room where my classroom is located is betting sound proofed, and the pipes from the sprinkler system are getting enclosed into their own cabinet.  I never know what change is being made down there.  But I do hear lots of hammering, sawing and drilling being done.
*It has been nice to have a bit of leisure time together with Paul being home for his Christmas break.  It will be nice when some day this is our norm, rather than our exception.

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