Sibling Assignment 2016.3 Slideshow Loves...U of I, Godspell, Autumn

I gave this sibling assignment this past week.

My assignment was this: 

Do a photo slideshow with music depicting Love.  You must use your own photographs.
Christy's Valentine to her husband Everett is here, and Bill's love of taking winter pictures is here.
Last fall I spent many different times walking through the Arboretum at the University of Idaho in Moscow.  This particular Tuesday in September I took a walk and took some photographs of the beautiful flowers, trees, plants and overall beauty of the Arboretum. 
As I walked through there that day, the song "All Good Gifts" from the musical "Godspell", one of my favorite musicals.  I believe it was one of the first musicals I saw performed.  And it was one of the best large group casts I performed with in a musical at the Sixth Street Theater in Wallace.
Plus, I love autumn.  I realize, September 15 was still officially summer, but you can see the season changing toward autumn in these photographs.
If you are ever in Moscow, take some time to walk this loop through the Arboretum and enjoy the beauty.  You will LOVE it.  Happy Belated Valentine's Day!!