Gathering Graces 1/13/2019

*There is hardly any snow on the ground today, but God created a beautiful frost sparkle on the trees on the Kellogg hillside and on the bushes and trees in our backyard.  When the sun hits it just right, it reminds me of diamonds.  What beauty is created in nature when we take the time to observe.
*It was nice seeing Connie Drager at church this morning, and having a little visit.  We talked a bit about how we both loved our recent trips to Italy, and how we want to return sometime soon with our spouses to do more exploring in that beautiful country.  When I was in Italy, I took a photograph of the seaside village of Manarola, one of the five centuries-old seaside villages that make up The Cinque Terra  on the rugged Italian Riviera coastline.  I recently had the photograph blown up and put on a canvas and I put it on the wall in our living room.  It reminds me of the magic of Italy, and how I can’t wait to return with Paul at my side.
*After church I stopped by Jane’s house.  She had texted me Saturday, and said she had some soup she wanted to share with Paul and I that was an Asian-type soup.  She also sent some other goodies home for Paul and I to enjoy.  The soup was absolutely delicious with a little spicy bite to it, and the perfect thing to eat on this crisp, frosty day.
*I tried to relax and nap this afternoon, but it wasn’t happening.  Instead I watched some episodes from the first season of The West Wing, then started the second.  The storyline about the shooting in Roslyn was some of the best television writing I have ever seen on television.
*Christy and Everett hosted family dinner tonight.  We started out with the perfect martini, then ate a special chicken dish Christy made from one of her new cookbooks and a wedge salad with delicious homemade salad dressing.  It was a very delicious combination of flavors, and I think everyone loved the meal.  We also had some good discussions that started because of the speech Jeff Bridges gave at the Golden Globes, and then it went off from there, including opinions on the Gonzaga Bulldog basketball team, and movies and books we have recently watched, and the talents of guitarist Tommy Emmanuel.
*As 7:30 p.m. approached, I could tell I was fading fast.  Paul drove me home, and I was soon ready for bed.

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