Tonight was Family Bingo and Game Night at Kellogg Middle School. My Gear Up program teamed up with the after school KEY program to put on this event.

We grilled hot dogs, had chips and cookies and drinks. It was no cost to those who came to eat have have some family fun. Stein's Family Foods gave us incredible deal on the food. (Thanks, Joe!!)

There were over 20 prizes to win during BINGO, and you could also spin the wheel in the gym to win prizes, too.

While JM read off Bingo numbers, he shared something about preparing your student for college.

We had a great turn out for a spring event, with over 100 people there.

It is nice to be able to do things for the families of the students in our schools.

We also had Career Dress Up Day at school today. There were some very creative outfits and careers the students focused on today.

So, it has been a long, but good day today. But it must come to an end.

Good Night!!


Big Toe Troubles

I got a call from the secretary at KHS today.

She informed me Z2 was in the office, because she had ripped the toenail off her big toe.


I arrived to find Z2 in the office, cleaning the blood off her toe.

The toenail hadn't ripped all the way off...just from the sides.

Mr. G came in to look at it, and told her to go home and clean it good, put some hydrogen pyroxide on it, and some anti-bacterial ointment. Then wrap it up.

We came home, and got it cleaned up.

She went back to school, and survived the rest of the day. But she told her coaches she probably wouldn't be running today.

When I arrived home after Kiki Aru's track meet in Silverton, her foot was throbbing.

It will probably hurt a bit more tomorrow.

Of my three daughters, Z2 seems to be the one who weird things happen.

Maybe it is a family thing. Z2 is the middle child in our family. Inland Empire Girl was the middle child or we three siblings, and it seemed like she always had things happen to her.

Well, we'll see how the toenail saga continues. Hopefully she can get some running shoes on in the next few days and train for her district meet coming up at the end of next week.

But Z2 is a trooper. She is pretty tough, so I think it will be okay.


Just Be

Today was a long day.

I work part-time for a reason. Normally I work Monday through Wednesday, 8 - 1 p.m., and Fridays, 8 - 12:30. I take Thursdays off.

That schedule is perfect.

But there are those days, or sometimes weeks, when my schedule gets messed up, because of things coming up that I need to stay at work to take care of during the day.

Today was way too long.

A nine hour day about does me in. My head is spinning and about to explode.

I have realized this about myself, and why I only work part-time.

I need my down time. I need time to regroup. I need time to just stare into space and think.

I have three major things left at school, and two happen Thursday, and one next Thursday, then things slow down.


So, now I'm ready for PKR to bring home the Chinese food from Wah Hings, put my feet up, and maybe read a book.

Or maybe just stare into space. Daydream a little. Just be.

Now that sounds like my kind of evening.


My Summer Dream Journey

Here is our latest sibling assignment that I posed to my siblings.

Write about a journey, trip, or place you would like to visit this summer, and why.

A trip I have always wanted to take, at least in the last eight or nine years or so, is a boat ride from the Cataldo Mission landing to Harrison.

The problem is, I don’t have a boat, and have no way of even knowing how to get someone to take me on this ride. Can you rent a boat? I have no idea.

Part of the reason I want to take this trip along the main fork of the Coeur d’Alene River is to catch a small glimpse of what it was like traveling along this river in the late 1800’s, when the boat would travel from Coeur d’Alene Lake to the Cataldo Mission landing and drop off passengers. This happens in the book I am writing, and I would like to get a good visual about what this may have been like.

Another reason is to enjoy the beauty of the scenery. From the parts of this journey I have seen either from the road or from the Trail of the Coeur d’Alenes bike trail, it is very beautiful, and I want to experience it close up.

A few years ago, PKR and I took a cruise from Harrison a ways up the river. It was before the Trail of the Coeur d’Alenes had officially opened, but they were doing a little promotion for that part of the trail close to Harrison, and I went and covered it for the newspaper. It was a beautiful trip.

So, someday, maybe this summer, I hope to fulfill this dream trip. Some people’s dream trip are traveling Hawaii, or Mexico, or a Caribbean cruise. Not me. All I want is a boat ride on the river.


Inch by Inch, Row by Row

Today I found a window of opportunity to get the raised bed ready to plant. I went over to Mom's house and got the rototiller, and brought it back and tilled up the soil in the beds.

Then I went to ACE Hardware and bought some bags of potting soil, and brought them back to add to the beds. Oh, I love how dark, fertile earth looks before it is planted.

I love getting my hands in the dirt, and working it around.

As I was working today, I was reminded of a song I use to sing with my guitar when The Princess was little. In fact, I taught it to her whole first grade class, and we did a little program based on "The Garden Song."

Here are the words:

The Garden Song

Inch by inch, row by row
Gonna make this garden grow
All it takes is a rake and a hoe
And a piece of fertile ground.

Inch by inch, row by row
Someone bless these seeds I sow
Someone warm them from below
Till the rain comes tumblin' down

Pullin' weeds and pickin' stones
Man is made of dreams and bones
Feel the need to grow my own
'Cause the time is close at hand

Rainful rain, sun and rain
Find my way in nature's chain
Tune my body and my brain
To the music from the land

Plant your rows straight and long
Temper them with prayer and song
Mother Earth will make you strong
If you give her love and care

Old crow watchin' hungrily
From his perch in yonder tree
In my garden I'm as free
As that feathered thief up there.

Words and music by Dave Mallett

Below is John Denver singing this song on "The Muppet Show".

Here are some pictures of the fruits of my labor today, and some shots of color around my yard.

Here is a shot of the beds after they were tilled.

Don't you love the way we have used the old volleyball net in our garden?

I hope to plant some lettuce, spinach, radishes and mesclun in this bed soon.

Here is a pretty pink hyacinth.
The raspberry canes are leafing out.

Daffodils are so cheerful!!!

Some lighter pink hyacinths in the front yard.

Lupines are one of my favorite flowers, and I was so excited to see this one returning in the front flower bed.

And one of the delphiniums is also coming up, along with a remnant of a Halloween spider web attached to the back of the plant.

One of the hosta plants is making its' way up through the earth.

And my little angel continues to keep watch over the front flower bed's progress.


We Were Overwhelmed by The Support

PKR and I just returned from our spaghetti fund-raiser to raise money for the Sixth Street Theater. It was a huge success.

Between the $5.00 admission, selling raffle tickets, and having tip jars on the tables, the theater raised over $2400 tonight in less than two hours.

The support was overwhelming.

People started streaming in around 5:15, and it didn't let up until after 7 p.m. We easily fed around 400 people tonight.

Not only did they get salad, spaghetti, bread and cookies, but some first class entertainment as well.

People in the Silver Valley don't want the theater to go away, and they showed us tonight that they were serious. But, Silver Valley citizens are known far and wide for their generosity.

So, we will keep plugging away, and prepare for the summer shows, and the upcoming season. It should be a great year. I'll be getting out information on the upcoming season, so look at the schedule, and make plans to come join us this year!!!


Guy Talk

Tonight after Kiki Aru's track meet, PKR, The Princess and I went to a restaurant for some dinner.

We had the opportunity to listen in on a conversation I am not usually privy to all that often.

Listening to guy talk.

It was very interesting.

The first thing we heard was one of one of the three guys complaining about how their food was cooked. But they refused to send it back, because they had seen a program on 20/20 about how cooks hacked lugies into food if it is sent back to be cooked again. (Not a very pleasant conversation to be overhearing at a restaurant.)

Then another started talking about their daughter's ex boyfriend who had come back "sniffin' around" his daughter again, and how this marked trouble.

Other subjects included cars, work, and financial talk. After we ordered our food, we started enjoying our own conversation, and the table next door was tuned out.

When our bill came, PKR can't see the bill very well without his reading glasses, which he never has in a restaurant, so it is just easier for me to grab the bill and pay it, since I can see.

As I was signing the bill, one of the gentlemen commented on how I was signing the bill, and started into a conversation with us about how his wife liked to use his card to pay the bill.

During this evening, I hadn't once looked at the table of men to my left. I had just heard their voices. I was under the impression I was seated next to three men, probably in their 30's. I was very surprised to find the three men older than I anticipated. One was probably around my age, maybe a little younger, but at least 40. The other two men were probably late 50's.

The man closest to me commented that The Princess was learning a good lesson from me, and how women are born to know how to do certain things, such as shopping, and getting good deals. I replied that saving money while shopping was all part of the game.

To be honest, that thinking kind of bugs me. I've never liked it when men belittle their wives, or talk about the "cute" things they do, just because the are the opposite sex. The whole stereotyping women thing. I don't like it when women stereotype men, either.

They did seem like very nice men, and we enjoyed a short little visit before we left. But, again, to be honest, if I hadn't had that short conversation with them, my view would have been different. I probably would have stereotyped them, thinking that they sounded like a bunch of jerks. But, after having just a brief encounter before we left, that view changed.

While sitting there, it was like getting a look at another world for a few minutes. The Princess had the same reaction. Neither of us are in situations very often that provide the opportunity to listen in on a group of men having a conversation.

Both of us found it fascinating.

If you asked the guys at the table, they would probably say it was just another thing women were born knowing how to do.



If you happen to be visiting the Centre of the Universe on Friday night, (you know, Wallace, Idaho), drop by the Elks from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. and attend the Sixth Street Theater's Spaghetti Dinner Fund-raiser.

The theater, like so many things, has been hit hard financially, and we are trying to raise some funds to keep things going. We plan to serve some spaghetti, provide some great entertainment, and have lots of fun.

PKR and I are directing both melodramas this summer, and are in the midst of auditions. But, if we don't raise some added funds, the theater may not be able to pay their monthly bills, which isn't good. So this is the first of many special events the theater is putting on this summer to help raise some money!!

Hope to see you there!!!


Track Double Header

Both girls were in track meets tonight, so we had a double header.

We drove to Post Falls and picked up The Princess at The Boyfriend's coffee shop where he works, and headed to track meet #1.

First we traveled to Post Falls Middle School to see Kiki Aru run her 400 meter race and win. Later she got third in the 200 meter, and her 4 x 200 relay won as well.

After watching the 400 meter race, and visiting with my friend BB, who I always run into during track season, we jumped in the car and traveled to Spirit Lake, to Timberlake High School to see Z2 and the rest of the Wildcat team compete.

We just missed her 400 meter run (still didn't beat her sister's time), but did see her 4 x 400 relay. She also tried the 3200 meter race, but didn't like that very much. We'll see what she decides to do on Friday, when she is back at the Timberlake track.

I enjoyed watching the boy's pole vault competition. We sat right in front of this event, and I was amazed at the strength of some of those kids. It was very impressive.

Then back to Coeur d'Alene to do a little shopping, dropped The Princess off at her dorm, and back home. Kiki Aru is at the Lake City High School track in Coeur d'Alene on Thursday for another meet, so it is on the road again.


What Does April 20th Mean To You?

When I was in grade school, junior high and high school, April 20th was my best friend's birthday.

Ten years ago, April 20th became the anniversary of a horrible tragedy we now refer to as Columbine.

But I found out today that April 20th is also "National Pot Smoking Day".

According to an article on "The Huffington Post",

It's a day where people across the world celebrate in the conspicuous consumption of the magical herb, marijuana. It's an unofficial counterculture holiday that is based on the simple concept of smoking some cannabis and being happy.

Funny, but I am a pretty happy person, and I have never needed the aid of cannabis to help me get this way.

When I found out what day this is to some people, it got me thinking about my few encounters with marijuana. No, I don't have a past of inhaling, but I have had a few times when pot was definitely in the vicinity.

I probably smelled the aroma of pot the most while in junior high. My locker partner in 8th grade would come back from lunch reeking of the smell of marijuana. This was before the days of closed campuses, and she would be in a car with high school kids who were smoking pot at lunchtime. So I always got to smell it after lunch.

My freshmen year, I remember being in a car with some girls who were taking me home after a meeting, and they were chewing on marijuana seeds. I didn't want anything to do with this, so I had them take me home.

As I moved on into high school, I remember going to my boyfriend's relative's house, and observed a very sorry sight. Most of the people in the room were just out of high school, had babies, and were sitting around, babies in their arms, and passing a joint around the circle. Twenty years later, I see the result of the choices these parents have made, which unfortunately includes further drug use beyond pot, which really devastated not only their own lives, but their children's lives as well.

The closest thing I ever got to having a "buzz" was at a concert at the old Spokane Coliseum. I think I was a junior in high school, and went to see the band "The Cars" in concert, and a joint was being passed back and forth down the seats. You couldn't help but feel some effects from the smoke.

I don't think I ever saw any pot in college. Yes, I know some of my friends were smoking it, but never around me, and I was never in a place where it was being smoked.

As I got older, I would occasionally smell it, but rarely. Once in a while I'll walk by a student who has that peculiar, sweet smelling aroma about them that reminds me of 8th grade.

When PKR started working for Meridian Academy, the alternative school in Meridian, he started learning much more about the drug culture. He quickly learned why students had the numbers 4:20 written all over their notebooks. Not only is 4:20 the date, it is also the official pot smoking time. Who knew these things even existed? The drug culture wasn't part of our culture, so we learned plenty from PKR's students.

I was recently in a conversations with some friends, some who believe our economy would turn around if marijuana was legalized, and we could tax the sale of it. They believe this would especially turn California's economy right around!!

Well, I'm not ready to legalize marijuana. Probably this is based on my observation of the effects on students I see who start smoking pot. In my observations, I have never seen a student who started smoking pot become highly motivated, get better grades, and do better in school.

Instead, it is the opposite. Once you see a student has started smoking pot, usually their grades fail, they become less ambitious, and they start failing school.

But, this isn't a debate on the pros and cons of marijuana. Just some observations through my lifetime. I really don't have the desire to try pot.

I'm perfectly happy as I am.


Is it the long winter, or what?

So last week, I all of a sudden want to get my fishing license and go fishing this summer. After driving past the lakes on the way to St. Maries last week, I had this urge to get out and fish.


You know what it is this week?


Again, I haven't golfed in over nine years. Every summer, I tell myself I'm going to the golf course and go golfing. But, since the drive to the Kellogg Country Club in Pinehurst is such a long ways (maybe 3 miles), I just haven't been able to get to the course.

I think some of these things changed with the girls being younger, and getting involved in their activities...which didn't include fishing or golfing.

But now, with the girls getting older, (are they really in middle school, high school, and college?), I have a bit more time to pursue some of my former interests.

I think maybe the long winter has something to do with it, too. Both of these activities require being out in the sunshine and fresh air, which sounds really good right now.

So, we'll see if I catch any fish or par any holes this summer. It would be fun.

Now most kids grow up going fishing with their dad.

Not me. My dad was a golfer.

He loved getting out on the course, and, when I was younger, I enjoyed driving the electric golf cart, chauffeuring my dad around.

I was glad I had a chance to golf with him a few times before he passed away.

I wonder if swinging a golf club is like riding a bike...does it come back naturally, or I am going to have to work at it, and be very frustrated.

I hope to have these questions answered sometime in the months ahead.


It Couldn't Have Been A More Perfect Day For a Track Meet!!

The sun was shining.

The breeze was blowing.

The kids were jumping, and throwing, and running.

The weather was absolutely perfect for a track meet.

The surrounding area was beautiful.

The Kellogg Wildcats had a good showing.

Z2 ran the 800, 400 and 4x400 relay. But she has decided the 800 race is not for her. She may try the 3200 on Tuesday.

Z2 in the 4x400 relay

Here are some pictures of the track and surrounding area at Kootenia High School.

Ready, Set.....Go!! Another Track Season Is Under Way!!

I love to follow my girls through their track season.

Track is such a wonderful sport to follow as a parent...the other parents are having a good time, we cheer the kids on, no one is yelling at refs or other participants.

That is my kind of sport!!

Z2 has her third track meet of the season today at Kootenia High School. It looks like blue skies today (thank goodness!!) She is competing in the 800 meter, 400 meter and the 4 x 400 relay. She is already getting faster, but her dad said she need more speed work, and needs to know what it feels like to run all out and fast.

Kiki Aru had her first track meet on Thursday. This is her first year competing as a seventh grader. She is running the 200 meter, 400 meter and in the 4 x 200 relay. She got first in the 400, second in the 200, and their relay team got first. This track meet was up in Bonner's Ferry, and I didn't go up there, but her next on is Tuesday in Post Falls, so I think I can make that one.

It will be interesting watching these two, and their times for the 400 meter race. Kiki Aru had a faster time than her older sister this week, which I hope will fuel a bit of friendly competitiveness in both of them.

Well, I'm off to the races!!!


Tea Parties, Pirates, and other news

I don't quite view the world as the media has been viewing the world lately.

For instance, to me, a tea party is using china tea cups, some finger sandwiches, and fresh fruit, gathering with friends, enjoying each other's company.

And if I'm going to deal with any kind of pirate at all, I hope he looks like this.

The closest thing to a bailout that has happened around here recently is when the dishwasher quit working, and PKR had to bail the water out of the bottom before he fixed it.

Susan Boyle did put on quite a performance on "Britain's Got Talent", but my favorite Brit, hands down, is still Marmitetoasty. And I don't need a YES vote from Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden and Piers Morgan for confirmation.

And I realize there is a new "Bo" in town, but this is the Bo I Know!!


Look Ma, No Braces!!!

Z2 got a wonderful surprise at the orthodontist this morning.
She got her top braces removed!!! What a beautiful smile!!


Goin' Fishin'? Maybe some day

As I drove along the Chain Lakes on my way to and from St. Maries this afternoon, it made me want to fishing.

I haven't gone fishing in a long time. I think maybe once in the last 9 years.

I used to fish some growing up, when we would go to Rose Lake.

Then in high school, my boyfriend loved to fish, so I went along with him. He did catch a big, ugly Pike once, and I'm not sure I wanted to pull that thing out of the water, though. Crappie, bass and trout were more my speed.

After we were married, PKR and I did a rare form of fishing in Glendive...Paddlefishing.

A paddlefish is a prehistoric fish that is found in the Yellowstone River outside of Glendive, one of the only places in the world where you can fish for this kind of fish. To catch a paddlefish, you snag it with a big barbed hook. PKR caught one when we went paddlefishing our one and only time. He caught a relatively small one, only about 30 or 40 pounds.

When we lived down in the Boise area, we went fishing when The Princess was a baby, and put her in a backpack.

But, as the girls got older, and the worms and fishing wasn't their thing, we quit going. I think the last time was going up the river about 5 years ago on "Free Fishing Day" at the Steamboat Pond. Z2 and Kiki Aru caught their limit. But I think the fishing poles haven't been out since.

But, as I looked at the waters of the Chain Lakes today, and saw some boats out in the middle of the lake, it looked so peaceful, and the urge to go fishing was quite strong.

Maybe one day I will return .



Inland Empire Girl gave us our sibling assignment this week. She asked us to "describe a vivid Easter."

I can't really think of one particular Easter that stands out, but thinking about Easter got me thinking about the word "Resurrection", which, to me, is what Easter is all about...the resurrection of Jesus from the dead.

And I started looking at the "resurrection moments" in my own life, where I was "brought back to life" as it were.

As my brother sat in the hospital in Oregon this past week with pneumonia, it reminds me of my early beginnings, and my first bout with pneumonia. I only know about this through the stories my family members have told me, but, I do know it was serious, I do know I stopped breathing and turned black, and I do know I was close to death. But, through it all, I was resurrected. I was given another chance. This was July 20, 1963.

Fast forward 18 years later, to July 1981. I had just graduated from Kellogg High School. Before I head off to college at the University of Idaho, I went to church camp. While at camp, I was again resurrected. This wasn't a physical resurrection. This was more of a resurrection of my mind, soul and spirit.

In Romans 12:1-2 it says:

And so, dear brothers and sisters, I plead with you to give your bodies to God because of all he has done for you. Let them be a living and holy sacrifice—the kind he will find acceptable. This is truly the way to worship him. 2 Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.

I was transformed into a new person, and my thinking was changed. It didn't happen on my own. It was the work of God in my life, changing me. My old way of thinking, my old life died, and I was a new person, resurrected once again.

I had never made the connection between the date of my first resurrection, and the day I was married. I almost died July 20, 1963. I was married July 19, 1986. Twenty-three years later, marriage to me was a resurrection of a love in my life I had never known before.

I Corinthians 13 is a popular verse to be read at wedding ceremonies, and it tells us God's view of unconditional love. PKR started showing me what this kind of love was all about, and he still shows me to this day. It has been a learning process, but he has taught me so much about love by the way he loves me each and every day.

Love is patient. He was patient when I would get mad and go into my bedroom and not talk.
Love is kind. He learned how to be kinder after he told me not to shuffle my feet on the golf green, and I started crying, and he realized that wasn't quite the way to handle that situation. I never cried on a golf green again.
It does not envy. He has always been supportive of all that I do.
It does not boast. He has never paraded me around or acted like I was just an object.
It is not proud. He has never acted arrogant toward others about our relationship.
It is not rude. Yes, he has made me mad, and upset me, but has never been rude, or put me down in front of others or humiliated me in any way.
It is not self-seeking. One of the reasons we work so well together is PKR is always looking out for my interests before his own. (I could be a bit more like this).
It is not easily angered. We have been upset with one another, but we are not easily angered. It takes a lot, and, if it gets to that point, it is handled in private. Our children have never seen or heard us in a fight.
It keeps no record of wrongs. I have never heard him say "I told you so", or "remember the time...." Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. Yes, be both mess up and do things wrong, but we forgive, and move on, and rejoice in the truth in our lives.
It always protects. I always feel safe, knowing I am in his prayers, and I know he would protect me from anything.
Always trusts. I trust him to always do what is best for me and our family.
Always hopes. He has a way of looking at our future, knowing things are going to turn out for the good, the way God wants them to turn out.
Always perseveres. I know, despite my shortcomings, and not being the easiest person to live with at times, that he will never leave me. It is not an option in our relationship.

Jesus is the resurrection and the life. He has resurrected me many times in my life, and continues to do so....

John 11:25-26

25Jesus said to her, "I am the resurrection and the life; he who believes in Me will live even if he dies, 26and everyone who lives and believes in Me will never die. Do you believe this?"


Some Thoughts on Easter...There is a God

Happy Easter everyone.

What a fabulous service we had at church this morning. After some worship, and a message by Pastor Carey, our Creative Arts Team at church presented "There is a God".

PKR wrote and directed this production, that used many of his drama students from Kellogg High School. He used three different songs that the students acted out: the story of one person's search for an answer to life's difficult questions. We watched the Easter Story, the story of creation, and followed the journey of one young girl as she discovers the answer she is seeking.

Many of these students had never been to church before, or not for a long time. But they had the right heart, and the right attitude, and cared about the story they were telling. It was so beautiful, and I love it when God uses kids to share His Word and His message. And I know each of them was touched by the story they shared with the people at our church this morning. I believe many of them are Knocking at the door to God's heart, Asking questions, and as they continue to Seek, God will give them the answers they are searching for in their lives.

Actually, it is the same with all of us. We are always knocking at God's heart, even if we don't know it, asking questions and seeking for the answers. And God is always there, ready to give us the answers.

They videotaped today's performance, and I hope to post it soon, so you can watch it, and see what a great job they did.

The service ended with this song, There is a God.

There is a God. I believe it with all my heart. And Resurrection made it possible to have a personal relationship with Him, by the sacrifice of His son Jesus Christ on the cross, and our debt has been paid in full.

God loves you. God loves me. Get to know Him, the Creator of the Universe.

He'll never leave you or forsake you.



Way to Go Kellogg Kids!

The students from Kellogg had a great showing today at Idaho History Day at The College of Idaho. We have four students going to National History Day, Silas Domy in Senior Essay, Emalie Bumgardner in Junior Individual Documentary, and Sarah Gibbs and Kylie Johnson in Junior Group Performance.

But even though everyone didn't advance on, they all did a great job, and put a lot of work and effort into their projects. We are all very proud of everyone. And I was especially proud of Kiki Aru for her effort in her project.

Had a nice time this evening at the Boise Towne Square Mall, and enjoyed my visit with one of the students and his mother at dinner. DD and TD are the son and wife of one of my friend's from high school, and it was so enjoyable spending some time with them. (They even let me stay at the table when I admitted to them I voted for President Obama. I just couldn't resist when DD, who is a junior in high school, started dissing the whole Democrat party for all the ills in the world.)

Next, I went and wandered around Borders Books, was tempted to buy, but then remembered the piles and shelves of unread books at my house, and didn't give in!!!

What a joy traveling with these wonderful students, and spending time getting to know a few of them better. I am very blessed. Thank you, Lord, for a wonderful trip.


Greetings from the Treasure Valley

Kiki Aru and I arrived here in Caldwell this afternoon after a bus ride down from Kellogg. We are here for Idaho History Day, which will be tomorrow at the College of Idaho.

Kiki Aru has created a documentary on May Arkwright Hutton to present tomorrow. Other students are presenting plays, essays, websites or exhibits. The theme is An Individual in History.
May Arkwright Hutton

To find out more about the National History Day competition, go here.

We went out do dinner tonight with BN and her daughter RN. We rarely get to see them when we come down, because it always seems the timing is wrong, so I contacted them to see if they could come meet us for dinner. And they could, so we went to Red Robin and had a great time catching up and visiting. It was really fun.

Update on RP: The last I heard on RP was he was still in the hospital, but doing much better. He may be out by the weekend. Just keep praying!!


A Prayer for RP

My brother RP has been sick this past week, and is in the hospital so he can be monitored. Please send all your thoughts and prayers his way so his recovery will be quick.

I think somehow this Pink Floyd song will comfort him, and so I also send the following song across the miles, hoping that while he lays in the hospital bed, he will be Comfortably Numb.


The Crocus

Harriet Beecher Stowe

Beneath the sunny autumn sky,
With gold leaves dropping round,
sought, my little friend and I,
The consecrated ground,
Where, calm beneath the holy cross,
O'ershadowed by sweet skies,
Sleeps tranquilly that youthful form,
Those blue unclouded eyes.

Around the soft, green swelling mound
We scooped the earth away,
And buried deep the crocus-bulbs
Against a coming day.
"These roots are dry, and brown, and sere;
Why plant them here?" he said,
"To leave them, all the winter long,
So desolate and dead."

"Dear child, within each sere dead form
There sleeps a living flower,
And angel-like it shall arise
In spring's returning hour."
Ah, deeper down cold, dark, and chill
We buried our heart's flower,
But angel-like shall he arise
In spring's immortal hour.

In blue and yellow from its grave
Springs up the crocus fair,
And God shall raise those bright blue eyes,
Those sunny waves of hair.
Not for a fading summer's morn,
Not for a fleeting hour,
But for an endless age of bliss,
Shall rise our heart's dear flower


renewed, restored, reborn, recovered, repaired, refreshed

Now that spring break has come to an end, my life has been...

renewed...I got lots of rest and relaxation, and ready to take on the next two months of school.

restored...my bedroom into some semblance of order.

reborn...I am feeling like a new woman after some down time this past week.

recovered...the remote, of course.

repaired...the dryer.

refreshed...with a new sense of purpose and vision.

refrain...from writing much more. It is time for bed. Good Night.


The Saga of The Dryer

Since the middle of December, we have had a bit of a dryer saga going on at our home.

Last December, the night before PKR was leaving for State Speech Competition, the dryer started smelling really hot, and quit working.

Fortunately, we still had our old dryer sitting in the garage, so we hauled it into the laundry room, finished drying clothes for PKR's trip, and left the other dryer in the kitchen to await a look by "Mr. Fixit" when he returned from his trip.

Once Mr. Fixit returned, he looked at the dryer, took it apart, and he decided it was probably the motor, and that he would look into seeing how much it would cost to fix the motor, or get a new dryer.

Fast forward almost 4 months.

The old dryer has been residing in the laundry room, drying our clothes just fine, while the partially disassembled dryer still sits in the kitchen, by now being used as a holder for of a bag of clothes to give away.

So, it is Thursday and the old dryer starts making really bad noises....I think it died. RIP Kenmore dryer.

So Mr. Fixit gets on the phone and starts calling around and inquiring about dryers. Yesterday he talked to the nice man in Coeur d'Alene who repairs LG dryers, and he told PKR to bring the dryer to him on Saturday, and he could have it fixed in about 30 minutes. The repairman was convinced it wasn't the motor, that probably a washcloth or some other small item got caught in some part of the inner workings of the dryer.

Well, it was a small sock that caused all the problem. PKR drove down this afternoon, the guy fixed it, and he was home before I knew it. Now the RIP dryer can be moved back out to the garage, and possibly donated to some old appliance graveyard, and the newer, fixed dryer will be put back in its rightful place in the laundry room, continuing to dry load upon load of clothes.

PKR also learned how to keep the washer and dryer clean so they will keep working washing and drying clothes for many years to come.

I'm glad this story had a happy ending!!

Well, I'm heading over the hill again this afternoon, to take The Princess to her play. I'll hang out somewhere in Coeur d'Alene, get something to eat, and read a book until she is ready to come home.

Then tomorrow I take her back to the theater for her final performance, and to move back into the dorms for her final month or so of college. Then I head down to Tensed to pick up Kiki Aru and her friend from their stay in Clarkston.

Upon arrival back home, I'll probably have lots of laundry to get done before everyone heads back to school on Monday.

So much for the Princess of yesterday....I think she just turned back into Cinderella!!!


Even Moms Dream of Being a Princess

Today my sister IEG and I had an outing in Kellogg, going to Josie's Full of Beans uptown for some coffee, then shopping at the local second hand stores.

We started out at Papa's Barn, then headed downtown to Cat Tales and St. Vinnies.

I hit the jackpot at St. Vinnies.

Since I am involved in our community theater, I am always on the lookout for clothes that would be good costumes or dresses I can wear in a performance.

I was lucky enough to find a Princess Dress at St. Vinnies today.

At least that is what it seems like. I tried it on, it fit perfectly, and it makes me feel like a little girl again, going through the pretty clothes in the closet upstairs at our house, and dressing up in my mom's pretty dresses.

I think that is part of the lure of the theater for me, the fact I get to dress up and become other people for a time.

So tonight, for just a few minutes, I was a Princess.

I tried to find a tiara, but I think it sits in a dorm room at NIC, where The Other Princess resides.

“...perhaps all the dragons of our lives are princesses who are only waiting to see us once beautiful and brave. Perhaps everything terrible is in its deepest being something helpless that wants help from us.”

--Rainer Maria Rilke

I love this "princess" quote by Rilke. I like it because it takes the focus off of ourselves, and onto how something bad in our lives can help us help others.

That is how the teachings of Christ tell us to live, isn't it?

In the book of 2 Corinthians, the Apostle Paul talks about an affliction he has dealt with, and how his power is made perfect in weakness. I think this is what the quote is talking about. When we are weak, and have hardships and bad things happen, then the grace of Christ can give us the strength we need to turn those dragons into beautiful princesses, and, through God's grace, we can make the situation beautiful by helping.

Three times I pleaded with the Lord to take it away from me. 9But he said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ's power may rest on me. 10That is why, for Christ's sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.

2 Corinthians 12:8-10 (New International Version)


I'm off to slay some dragons.


A Night On The Town

Tonight we headed to Coeur d'Alene for dinner out and the theater.

We met IEG and JEJ, my friend TCM, and my mom at Thai Bamboo.

Boy was the food delicious!! We all picked one entree, and then they bring the food on platters and you eat it family style. We had a nice variety of food, and it was really good.

The Princess and her friend RG came along too, but they went early to the theater so The Princess could get her hair done for the show.

After dinner we headed over to the Lake City Playhouse to see The Princess in James and the Giant Peach. We saw it once last week, and had the privilege of seeing it again tonight.
Here is our own Miss Spider

She did a really good job, along with the whole cast.

Then we finished off the night at home with some fruit pies. Z2 wanted us to bring some pie back for her, so we got some Peach Pie (of course), and Strawberry Rhubarb.