Gathering Graces 1/22/2019

*I am slowly learning the rhythm of my new life.  This week I am catching a glimpse of what this new life and schedule can be like.  And I think the key is to not overextend doing too much during the week.  Because of my mouth issues, I canceled a few things this week, and it made all the difference in the world.  I needed to not be so busy.  I needed to be home to do things.  Last week was not good.  And I realize it was because I had too much going on, and I was unable to get into any kind of rhythm.  This week, I am starting to feel it.  My life is changing beat.  A new song is emerging.  And it is my job to be still enough each day to hear the new music, and respond to what is being played.
*A few months ago I had started listening to a podcast called The West Wing Weekly.  When I need something to watch when I am eating lunch or doing a project, my go to show the past few weeks has been The West Wing.  If I am in my bedroom, I pop in the DVD.  If I am in by the dining room, I watch it on Netflix.  I am moved every time I watch it, whether it be laughter or tears, the writing of The West Wing moves me.  I also love listening to the podcast to hear from the creator, Aaron Sorkin, and his thoughts on creating the show.  And Tommy Schlamme, and his thoughts as producer and director.  And other cast members and people involved in the show tell their stories.  It is very interesting.  Especially as the talk about episodes that are some of my favorites.
*For dinner tonight, I wanted to use the shrimp that I had still in the in the freezer, and create some kind of dish for dinner.  I was thinking something with coconut milk and the leftover curry paste I had in the fridge.  As I was looking on the can of coconut milk, there was a recipe for shrimp curry and vegetables...just what I was wanting to make.  So I got out whatever fresh vegetables I had in the fridge and started making this dish.  I made some rice, and poured the shrimp and vegetable curry over the rice, and it was absolutely perfect and delicious.  It is amazing what you can pull together with just the items in the pantry and fridge.  But things are getting a little bare in the fridge and pantry.  We haven’t had a major grocery shopping trip since before Christmas.  A trip to Costco is in the works for Saturday to stock up on meat, vegetables and other staples Paul and I use throughout the month.

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