Sibling Assignment 151: Sibling Outing

A photo taken in the Hobo Cedar Grove Botanical Area near Clarkia, Idaho.

During the month of August, my sibling Raymond Pert and Inland Empire Girl and myself headed out on a "Sibling Outing".  We have done several of these over the years, and this year our destination was driving east to Wallace, then driving over Moon Pass to Avery.  Then we headed down the St. Joe River to Calder, then St. Maries.  Then we headed south to Clarkia, and then on up the mountain to Hobo Cedar Grove Botanical Area.

For Sibling Assignment #151, Raymond Pert has asked us to write about a particular thing that happened on our Sibling Outing that was especially enjoyable.  If possible, include an image, but not required.

Inland Empire Girl's is here, and Raymond Pert's will be here.

For me, the most enjoyable times were sharing stories as we drove along in the car.  We had the priviledge of being together from about 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. that day.  That is about 10 hours of uninterupted time spending time with my brother and sister.  And we realize this is a rare thing.  I don't know too many other people who make it a priority in their life to spend time with only their siblings, without other family around.  I am fortunate to have a brother and sister who want to make this time a priority.  We try and do it at least once a year.

As we drove in the car, we would bring up stories of memories of driving in the car to our grandmother's house in Orofino, and the erratic driving practices of our father.

My siblings would give me a good-natured hard time as I shared yet another historical fact about the area we were visiting.

We had a book with us that shared facts about the areas we were driving through, and it was fun to share those, or listen to my sister share them.

I'm glad we understand the importance of connecting with one another, and spending time together, even if it is fr oone day, once a year.  It helps continue to create memories that we add to our family story book.


Sibling Assignment 149: A Collection of Pottery

I'm getting caught up on my sibling assignments.  This sibling assignment was given to us by IEG, and the assignment was this:

"Create A Collection".  Choose something that is easily accessible: soup bowls, cell phones, sofas, chairs, vases... whatever.Create a series of photographs on the collection all photographed the same way. Put the together into a collage or a frame together. Write about the experience.

I took some of the pottery items I have collected over the years and photographed them, and put them in a collage.  Some I have bought.  Some have been gifts.  I started this collection the first year I lived in Montana.  I found a vase at a county fair, and loved it, and decided to start my own collection.  Unfortunately one year, while living in Meridian, the shelf my pottery was on fell to the ground, and I lost some of my pieces.  But they are still in a box in the basement....with the hopes of being made into a mosaic creation. 

I love pottery.  It is such a solid, earthy art medium.  I have always wanted to learn how to do my own pottery pieces.  Some day...some day.  But for now, I get to enjoy and use pieces others have created.