Gathering Graces 1/15/2019

*Something is out of whack in my upper back and neck area, and it is causing me to have really bad headaches.  When I was sitting in my classroom I was having some back issues.  Then I went to standing, and that helped that problem.  I am becoming very aware of how and where I sit and stand throughout the day.  Hopefully this will help me from having so much pain.  It did feel good to soak in a warm bath with Epsom Salt and Tea Tree Oil.  And I have been stretching more and moving around more throughout the day.  I hope this all helps.
*I spent the afternoon at KHS helping some of the seniors get on track for college.  Sometimes they just need a bit of a “road map” to point them in the right direction, and then they are fine.  If they have completed and submitted their FAFSA, if they have completed their application process, and set up their web account and college email, then they are right where they should be.  Then they need to make a list of scholarships they want to apply for, have letters of recommendations from three to four people to submit with their scholarship applications, and write up small informational paragraphs about themselves that they can cut and paste into most of the applications they will be filling out.  But now the ball is in their court.  They have to sit down and get those things done.  The ones who do usually end up getting the scholarships.
*We are now a totally carpet free environment in our home.  Paul has taken up all the carpet off the stairs heading down to the basement, and now comes the decision on what we are going to do to the stairs to make them look better.  Paul is looking at a few different options.
*The photo I posted of Sadie and Benjamin above cracks me up.  This is rather unusual for them to be sitting side by side one another.  But I was in the right place with my camera by my side when Benjamin jumped up and sat next to Sadie, and it looks like they both posed for me at the same time. 

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