I Found It! I Found It!

After some quiet prayer and meditation, I think my mind has been partially restored....I think I still have some on the loose somewhere.  If you see it, direct it my way.

I look forward to driving to Sandpoint this afternoon with my friend SB to the KMS Track Meet.  Kiki Aru will be participating in High Jump, the 400 and the 4x400 relay.  I hope the weather holds, but we are taking umbrellas just in case.    

Lots of excitement over the weekend.  The Princess participated in the Silver Valley Karaoke Showcase here in Kellogg and got second place, singing Tracy Chapman's "Give Me One Reason".  Here she is, belting out the song....

And here she is with her trophy.

I did tape it, and hope to have video of the performance soon.


If You Have Found My Mind, Could You Please Return It...It Seems To Be Lost

Maybe that is why I haven't been writing here in a while.  It is rather hard to concentrate when your mind is missing.  If you happen to come across it, please leave me a message, and I'll come and get it.

Thanks.  Silver Valley Girl