Sibling Photo Assignment 2016.9: Things That Bring Me Comfort #3Siblings

"Create a series of pictures that depict a sense of comfort."

This is this week's photo sibling assignment Christy assigned to us.

Brother Bill's photos are here, and Christy's photos are here.

Today was a good day to take these photos, because today wasn't a good day.

I needed comfort. 

After a breakdown this afternoon that involved the shedding of many tears, I took advantage of the many comforts around my home.
Hugs from Paul always bring me comfort.

Spending time in the kitchen also brings me comfort.  Today I canned apple pie filling, and the smell of cinnamon and nutmeg brought me much comfort.
Pie is my favorite dessert.  Today I made an apple pie, and it brought comfort, especially when I got to eat it!!

 I love this blue quilt.  It is the blanket in our closet that brings me the most comfort.

A crackling fire always brings me comfort.  I love having a fireplace in our home (actually two fireplaces), and the warmth from the fire brings much comfort, especially on a cold evening.



Sibling Photo Assignment 2016.8 I See Rain #3Siblings

Last week Christy assigned us an Art Where We Walk assignment to look down. on the ground and take photos.

This week, our "Art Where We Walk" assignment part 2 from Christy is as follows:

This week we will be looking up. Create a series of photos by finding art while looking up.

This morning Kellogg was visited by a short lived rainfall, and I grabbed the camera to take some photos of the rain.

Here is how the rainfall was captured around my house in the backyard.  If you scroll from one photo to the next, it looks as if the rain falls from one photo to the next.