Gathering Graces 1/21/2019

*I was back in the dentist chair this afternoon with another beautiful view.  But there was no beauty going on inside my mouth.  My stubborn mouth did not want to completely numb, and the tooth that was getting the temporary crown removed and the permanent crown put back on was not being cooperative.  It was too sensitive for them to do what needed to be done.  Ugh!  So they could not put the permanent crown on permanently.  It had to be put on temporarily.  Because the air and water that hit my exposed tooth was too painful.  So I have to take an anti-inflammatory drug for a week to see if these nerves calm down, and they will give it another try. 
*Paul also spent time in the dentist chair earlier this morning.  He is getting a tooth implant, and his procedure involved a bone graft.  So we both had painful mouths and needed some comfort food for dinner, so we thought some burritos from Casa d’Oro  was just the thing we needed, and it was delicious!!
*One of the biggest celebrations in China is Chinese New Year, which is on February 5th this year.  It is also called the Spring Festival.  As a teacher of students who live in China, VIPKID offered a workshop to share with teachers some information about what this celebration is all about, and how we can talk to our students about what their families will be doing, and what kind of things to ask them.  I am really looking forward to learning more about how my students celebrate during the Spring Festival.

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