Gathering Graces 11/5/2018

*I know most people are not fond of the early afternoon darkness with the time change, but I do love the light in the mornings on our walk.  I know it is not going to last much longer, but it was nice to be walking home, and seeing a little snow up on Silver Mountain, with the beautiful fall colors below on the trees in the hillside.
*Today I spent some time making a list of all the things I want to do on a weekly basis as part of my new “work from home” schedule.  Now I need to start putting the pieces of the schedule puzzle together to figure out when I want to work on things throughout the week.
*I said goodbye to Cosette and Taylor today, as they headed off to finish their painting job in Coeur d’Alene.  They should finish today.  They are heading back to Moscow and take some much deserved time off, then back here next week to work on another Coeur d’Alene painting job.
*Zoe video-called through Facebook Messenger and gave me a tour of her new apartment she just moved into in Nampa.  It was so fun to see her new place, and talk about items she may need, and little projects Paul can help her with when we go down at Thanksgiving!! 
*As we ate our dinner, Paul and I discussed what would be on the ballot tomorrow, and talked about how we would vote.  I look forward to voting tomorrow and seeing what happens throughout the country as well as people make their way to the polls.
*Bill is having some dental work done tomorrow so he brought the Corgis over to spend the next two nights with us.  They are always fun to have around.

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