Gathering Graces 11/18/2018

*Happy 59th Birthday Paul!!  We had a wonderful celebration from the time we got up, to the time we went to bed.
*Paul, Zoe, Molly, Travis and I enjoyed having a birthday brunch of scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, bacon and muffins.  It was nice to all gather around the table.
*Cosette and Taylor arrived around 12:30 or so, and, unfortunately, Taylor had caught a flu bug, and was not feeling well at all.  So he stayed home and rested, and Molly, Travis, Zoe, Cosette and I all piled into the car and drove to Wallace to the Sixth Street Theater to see the birthday boy Paul perform in his final performance of Men on Ice.  The performance did not disappoint.  Paul, Ken Bartle and Gordon Turner did an amazing job potraying three Wisconsin ice fishermen in an ice shanty on a lake in Wisconsin.  Joy Persoon provided the accompaniment for the show, and Cherri Bartle was the director.  The show was funny and heart warming at times and the guys sung their hearts out. 
*After the show, it was Christmas card photo session on the stage.  We used the backdrop of the ice shanty as our backdrop for our Christmas card photo this year.  It is always fun to mix it up and try different things for our Christmas card photos.
*Around 5:30 p.m., Christy, Everett and Bill joined the rest of us at our house for a birthday celebration.  We gathered in the living room so Paul could open his presents, then we moved into the dining room, and we served up Taco Soup, Salad, Chips, Homemade Guacamole, and Salsa.  For dessert we had birthday pie with whipped cream topping.  We served a strawberry pie and a Keto Pecan Pie.  They were both delicious.  This warmed up Zoe and I for our pie baking spree later this week, as we prepare some pies for our Thanksgiving dinner in Nampa this week.
*Bill, Travis and I had an after dinner talk about the literature Travis has been reading in his Literature Class, and how much he has been enjoying it.  We talked about Dante’s Inferno, Homer’s Odysseus, and teaching Bible text as literature, to name a few of the topics.  It was an enjoyable conversation.
*Cosette and Taylor departed because Taylor was still not feeling well, so they drove back to Moscow.  We will see them sometime next month. 
*While the rest of the family gathered around the dining room table to play Tripoly, I went to the basement to get my classes ready for tomorrow, and then off to bed.  What a joy to have the whole family gathered together together to help celebrate Paul’s birthday.  That is all Paul wanted for his birthday, was to have us all gathered together.

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