Gathering Graces 11/16/2018

*Over the years when I worked full time for the school district, I remember mornings when I would look at my cats and dogs lounging on the floor, or a piece of furniture, or on the bed, and wish I could stay home with them.  Well, now my job is at home, so now I can be at home with them.  This morning I was able to put a fire in the fireplace, it warmed me right up,and I was able to lounge.   It was a very productive, and a very relaxing morning as well being at home.  Yes, I think I made the right decision to work from home. 
*This afternoon I gathered with my Huckleberry Book Club in Kingston at Mary Gail’s house.  Gathering with these women is always a highlight of my month.  We read The Tenth Gift as our book selection.  I still need to read it, but those who did read it love it!!  We had a delicious spread of food for lunch, with homemade Tomato Basil Soup, Beer Bread, lettuce rolls, a carrot salad, baby potatoes, I provided a cheese plate, and a delicious Pumpkin Cheese Cake.  Plus a few hours of conversation where we made our monthly connections with one another. 
*Before I went to book club I had put some spices and sauce on some beef short ribs, put them in a pan, covered them with foil, and put them on a low temperature in the oven and let them cook all afternoon.  By the time I took them out of the over, about four or so hours later, the meat was done, and was falling off the bone, as it should be with any kind of rib.
*Paul headed off to perform in Men On Ice, and I headed to my classroom to teach four students this evening.  One of the students, named Allen, I had taught during my morning session, and had him this evening.  For me, there was a day full of activity in between the classes.  For him, he had slept the night away, and it was a brand new day for him.
*I really am a thankful and grateful person, but I keep forgetting to share what I am thankful for each day.  So here is a recap:
Saturday: Today I am thankful for a day I could stay home and get some work done around the house.
Sunday:  Today I am thankful for a church that honors the veteran’s in our community.
Monday: Today I am thankful for Chris Schonewald Meyer, and her vision to being Real Women of the Silver Valley.  What a blessing to myself and many others.
Tuesday: Today I am thankful for people who try to be kind in all situations.
Wednesday:  Today I am thankful for Simon, Frank and Grace for spearheading the Innovation Collective of the Silver Valley, and how this group of people can come together and help make things happen in the Silver Valley.
Thursday: Today I am thankful for having Cosette and Taylor around this week.  Even thought we don’t see a lot of them, it is nice to have them in the house.
Friday: Today I am thankful for my friends in book group.  It has been 17 years of meeting with most of these women, and talking about books, talking about life, gathering around a table of great food and drink, and I am blessed to have these women in my life.

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