Gathering Graces 11/14/2018

*I finally got the dahlia bulbs off the dining room table and into a Styrofoam cooler full of sand to store over the winter.  I will try and check on them every three weeks or so to see how they are doing.  I am keeping my fingers crossed!!
*After a very productive morning, I watched the Great British Baking Show final while I ate lunch.  Oh, the final made me cry!!  It was so great.
*I made sure I had my shopping lists, and drove to Coeur d’Alene to get some bloodwork done, and then did some shopping at Fred Meyer and Costco.  It really wasn’t too busy at their place, which was very nice.
*I purchased some Italian Salami and a variety of cheeses at Costco, so I cut up salami and served the cheese and some sliced cucumbers for dinner.  Delicious!!
*Paul and I walked over to Noah’s Canteen across the street from our house at the Silver Mountain Resort to gather with others for the second Innovation Collective Fireside Chat.  This month Jeff Nearing, who runs D,G,& S Company here is the Silver Valley, was the guest speaker.  What a wonderful time as Jeff told stories about the beginnings of the business, when his grandfather, father and uncle ran it, to how he came to be a part of the business and eventually took it over.  We also heard about him traveling to the Soviet Union when he was in high school to play basketball.  We learn so many good things when we hear the stories of others.  The whole evening of sharing was fascinating.  Join us next month.  You won’t be disappointed!!

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