Gathering Graces 11/26/2018

*Today was just what I needed.  A day to stay at home, take advantage of some Cyber Monday shopping for Christmas, and work around the house.
*I can’t remember the last time I made a roast.  I love beef roast, but I haven’t prepared one in a long time.  So I got out my Betty Crocker Cookbook and prepared a roast “New England Pot Roast” style.  I got out my cast iron Dutch Oven, put some olive oil in the bottom, and heated it up.  I browned all the side of the roast.  Then I put salt and pepper on all sides of the roast, and slathered it with horseradish.  Then I put a cup of water in the Dutch Oven, brought it to a boil, and reduced the heat, and let it cook on the top of the stove for a couple of hours.  It was a very delicious and tender roast, served with some roasted acorn squash and some steamed broccoli.
*Our morning walk was a bit treacherous.  Because of the falling temperatures, the roads and sidewalks were icy in spots and snow covered in other spots.  So we decided this would be our last outdoor walk for a while.  We will start walking indoors at KHS starting tomorrow.
*Today I have been making my way through The Final Table, the newest cooking show I have been watching on Netflix.  The chefs in the competition have cooked food from Mexico, Spain, Brazil, India and the United States.  It is a very interesting format they use.  I enjoy seeing all the different styles of cooking that come from these chefs as they get their assignments. 

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