Gathering Graces 10/31/2018

*I taught six students on this Halloween morning.  I had one student in costume.  I think China is gradually getting Halloween into their culture.
*I tried taking a nap this morning, but I didn’t sleep for long.  I was planning on going to listen to Paulette Jordan speak at a local coffee shop at noon, but my body was telling me, “you need some sleep!!”.  So I decided to nap instead.  I really need to make sure, with my new teaching schedule, I get the rest I need so I don’t get run down and sick. 
*A little before 4 p.m. I headed over the the Kellogg School District office to help judge some Halloween coloring and writing entries.  Students could come trick or treat at the district office, then turn in their entry.  We judged kindergarten through fifth graders.  Judging with me were Christy Woolum, Dawn Arnhold McLees, Jan Lemieux and Ann Hill.  It was fun looking at the entries, and reading the stories the students wrote about pumpkins.

I was in the company of some very esteemed judges!!

*I came home and prepared for the trick or treaters to arrive.  Zoe, Molly and Travis carved pumpkins last weekend, and I picked up another one at the district office, so we had four pumpkins on our porch.  I lit the pumpkins, put on some Halloween music to be playing through the speaker on our front porch, and put the candy in a bowl.  I really enjoyed seeing all the trick or treaters.  I didn’t count how many their were, but it was pretty steady from 6-7 p.m.

I love to decorate our entryway for Halloween!

*After handing out candy at Kellogg High School, Paul made it home, and he built a fire and we enjoyed sitting by the fire and visiting.  Cosette and Taylor made it home from thier painting job in Coeur d’Alene, and they joined us by the fire for a while.
*Zoe was very excited to finally get her own apartment.  She has been trying for months to get into her own place.  She got the utilities put in her name today, and received the key!!  It is a cute little studio apartment located in Nampa.  I am so excited to see it when we go down for Thanksgiving at the end of the month!! If anyone in the Boise area has any living room furniture you want to get rid of, she could use some!! 
*Today Bill, Christy and I all posted some of our newest sibling assignments.  You can find mine here, here and here.  Links to Bill and Christy’s posts are in my blog posts.

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