Gathering Graces 10/18/2018

*I took a trip to Coeur d’Alene today to do some shopping and have lunch with a friend.
*It was fun shopping at The Dollar Tree.  They always have fun decorated headbands that I can wear in my VIPKID classroom, and fun little things to give the students as rewards.
*Then it was off to Fred Meyer to pick up a few items as well.
*I made my way up to my friend Betsy’s house for our lunch date.  I met Betsy through P.E.O., and she invited me to come over to her house to have lunch.  She lives in a beautiful house with an incredible view (see photo above).  Her and her husband Bruce are going to relocate to Reno soon, so they are getting ready to sell their house.
*Everyone needs a person like Betsy in their lives.  This is only the third time I have spent time with Betsy, but she remembered all kinds of things I had shared with her in our previous conversations.  And she made me feel good about who I am, the things I do, and the choices I have made.  Sometimes you need to see yourself in a positive light through someone else’s lens.  My time with Betsy made my day!!  I hope to see her again before she relocates.
*The final stop in Coeur d’Alene was Costco.  I love shopping at Costco.  There are certain items that purchase each month at Costco, but it is fun to see some of the other things there as well.  They have some Christmas items out, and that is always fun to see.  I admit, I did give in and bought some cute wrapping paper which will probably last me for the next five years or so!! (If you have purchased Christmas wrapping paper from Costco in the past, you know what I am talking about!!)
*As Paul and I were eating dinner, I noticed I missed calls from both Molly and Zoe.  So I called them back and found out Molly is coming to stay Sunday night (YAY!!), and Zoe just called to talk.  It was nice talking to both of them, and look forward to seeing both of them soon.
*I got home and got dinner ready, then went downstairs and got organized for my morning classes.  After dinner, Paul went to play practice, and it was an early night for me.  I was in bed by 7:30!!  (I think I have some early nights like this in my future).

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