Gathering Graces 9/9/2018

*Paul and I packed a lot of things into this weekend, and Sunday was no exception.
*We headed out from Laurie’s house around 8:30 a.m. to Le Peep in Meridian for breakfast with Molly, Travis, Cosette and Taylor.  They all arrived shortly after 9 a.m., and we all had a delicious breakfast.  Zoe would be joining us later after she taught Sunday School at church this morning.
*We celebrated two different occasions this morning.  Last Wednesday was Coco’s birthday, so she opened up her birthday present from Paul and I. I asked her what she wanted for her birthday, and she said kitchen items, decorations and clothes.  That is what she got!!

Happy Birthday Coco!!
*We also celebrated Molly and Travis’ second anniversary, which is Monday.  The second anniversary is cotton, so they received some cotton-scented candles, and some Cottonelle!!

Happy Anniversary Travis and Molly!!
*After breakfast, Zoe arrived and we headed across the street to Lucky Perk to have some coffee and tea before the Moscow crew drove back home. 
*Goodbyes were said to Molly, Travis, Cosette and Taylor as they drove off toward Moscow.  Paul drove Zoe’s car, and I drove our truck back to Laurie’s house.  Now it was nap time.  I think I fell asleep the minute my head hit the pillow, and I was in one of those really hard sleeps when Paul woke me up around 2 p.m. to we could go check out some apartments Zoe is interested in renting in Nampa.  We drove to Nampa with Zoe, and the first place had two apartments that will become available in a couple of weeks.  They looked promising.  She showed us another one, and it did not look as promising.  We are praying all goes well, and she will get to rent one of the apartments. 
*I was in need of fluid and caffeine, so we stopped at McDonalds and I ordered an unsweetened ice tea.  Boy did that hit the spot.  I felt much more refreshed after drinking that down.
*We drove back to Meridian, and stopped at Paul’s parents house for a visit.  They were not there when we first arrived, but drove up shortly afterwards.  They had gone to get some ice cream cones.  We had a really nice visit with the both of them, and enjoyed spending time with them this afternoon.  Karlie and Daniel were flying to Hawaii today for their honeymoon, and that led to Burt and Pat sharing stories about some of their adventures when they traveled to Hawaii three different times to celebrate their wedding anniversaries.
*Then it was off to Kevin and Linda’s house.  Laurie joined us.  There were some things that needed sorted and put away, so we helped with that a bit, then we ordered some dinner, and ate together, along with Kennadie, a young woman who lives at Kevin and Linda’s house. After dinner, everyone was dragging a bit, so we knew it was time to get back to Laurie’s house.
*We said our goodbyes to Zoe.  It was so nice to be able to spend the day with her.  Then we went inside, and Laurie and Paul went for a run, and played a little ping pong, and soon I knew it was time for bed, because we had to leave for the airport by 6 a.m. the next morning.
*What a wonderful weekend.  I loved that it was the type of wedding that family and friends all chipped in and helped where it was needed.  Yes, it was tiring.  Yes, it was hard work.  But that was the beauty of it all.  A community of loved ones surrounding Karlie and Daniel as they were married.  It was amazing to be a part of this weekend.

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