Gathering Graces 9/13/2018

*It was fun to bike down to the Silver Valley Farmer’s Market tonight with Paul and check out what was going on, and get some visiting in as well.
*As always, we greeted Erin Nansel and got some hugs.  She is the beer and wine server for Radio Brewing.  We visited for a bit, and talked some about Karlie’s wedding.
*As we were parking our bikes, we ran into Vonda Inglis Schuld.  It was fun getting hugs from her and hearing about her summer adventures driving through Canada and up to Alaska and back.  It was sure nice catching up!
*It was also nice visiting with Diannah Fields-Brown.  Her husband Travis was providing the live music tonight at the market.  Travis has performed for years in the Silver Valley, and this is the first time I have heard him perform.  He was wonderful.  Diannah said he has around 150 original songs to sing.  I really enjoyed his music.
*KHS teacher Terry Anderson was selling his famous hot sauce, and Paul bought a bottle.  I think we had a bottle in the past, which is now gone, so Paul was happy to purchase another one, since he loves his hot sauce.
*Another favorite booth of ours is “Booch so Rad”.  When i twas warmer, I would usually purchase one of the Kombucha Popsicle.  Since it was a little cooler this evening, I decided to purchase two bottles of Kombucha.  We purchased Orange Spice and Peach Basil.  Check out Radley’s Facebook Page “Booch so Rad” to find out about this young entrepreneur, and his business.  And it is wonderful that his whole family pitches in to help sell his kombucha, since he is busy at football practice on Thursday evenings.  Tonight I saw his mom and dad, Josh and Ari McDonald, his grandma Jennifer Zjawinski Mcdonald, and his aunt Sarah McDonald (with her adorable baby), all there helping out!!
*April Muhs was another person I visited with for a while.  We talked about her “trunk sale” and a variety of other topics.
*It was also fun running into Cathy Jerome, the mother of one of the seniors I worked with last year, Chase Jerome.  Chase is a student at North Idaho College this fall, and is loving college, and his mother could not be more proud of him!!  It is so exciting to get reports on my former Gear Up students, and how they are doing in school!!
*My morning started off down in my basement classroom.  My 4 a.m. class was a “no show”, but I enjoyed teaching Stella during my 5 a.m. class.  This was the first time I had taught a student who was already a part of the VIPKID program.  She was a nice girl, and I enjoyed teaching her.  My class bookings are increasing, which is very exiting.  I participated in another VIPKID workshop tonight, which helped me gain a lot of good information.

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