Gathering Graces 9/28/2018

*I spend most of the day driving across the state of Washington with Brenda for a fun weekend getaway with some friends from high school.  Brenda and I had a great visit on a beautiful day.  And the only time the traffic was bad was going across the I-90 floating bridge.  Other than that, driving in Seattle wasn’t bad at all.  And Brenda made an awesome navigator!!
*We made our way up to the Magnolia neighborhood to meet up with Tina and Karla.  What a beautiful area and lovely neighborhood.  We had a fun visit, and went for a walk to explore the area, and found a lovely park that overlooks the Seattle skyline and Mount Rainier. 
*Later we made our way to the Village Pub for dinner and more fun.  What a great night visiting with lifelong friends, enjoying good food, good drinks and good conversation.

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