Gathering Graces 9/27/2018

*I love my ride to Wallace each morning as I go to work and watch the fall colors come out on the hillsides.  When I leave work each day I drive down the residential area of Cedar Street, and the trees are starting to put on their fall show.
*Later in the afternoon I drove to the airport to pick up my sister-in-law Debbie.  As I drove, I listened to the radio and the events of the day focusing on the Supreme Court nominee testimony, as I heard bits and pieces of both Christine Blassey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh give their statements.  It reminded me of the conversation we recently had here in my home about truth, and story telling and what is really truth in story telling.  They both had their stories to tell.  Now we find out how these stories that were shared make an impact on our country’s judicial system.
*It was early to bed for me tonight.  I was tired.  Paul was tired.  So we headed to bed early.

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