Gathering Graces 9/10/2018

*After saying goodbye to our wonderful host Laurie, we loaded our packed bags into the Chevy Colorado, and headed to the Boise International Airport.  We dropped off the rental truck, and went and printed off our boarding passes at the Southwest Kiosk. We made it through security and proceeded to our gate.
*Out flight was, again, not really full, and it went very quickly.  We landed and went to the parking garage to find our car.  When we left the garage, I told Paul to take advantage of the free car wash you can get for parking in the garage.  We did, then made our way through the pay lane, and we were on our way.  I slept pretty much the whole way home, which made it quite a quick trip!!
*We got home, and all the animals were pretty clingy.  Clark, who usually bolts for an open door, did not budge.  All the animals hung out by us pretty closely.  I unpacked, then repacked, because I was off again on another adventure.  I would be driving to Moscow this afternoon to hear the author of the book Educated, Tara Westover, speak at The University of Idaho.
*Christy and Dawn left a little earlier in the day for Moscow.  I picked up Debbie at 2 p.m. and we drove to Moscow.  We arrived in time to park, and head to the restaurant  Maialina Pizzeria Napoletana for our 5 pm reservation.  Soon Christy and Dawn arrived to join us.  Even though it is famous for their pizza, I decided to order the Bistecca Tagliata, a flank steak prepared medium rare and sliced.  It was accompanied by truffle oil-lemon dressed arugula, parmegiano reggiano and evoo (extra virgin olive oil).  It was delicious and the perfect amount of food.  Everyone else enjoyed their choices as well.

Bistecca Tagliata--Cut Steak

*After dinner we drove to the U of I Bruce Pittman Center to hear Tara Westover speak.  (Bruce Pittman, who the building was recently named after, was sitting four seats down from me.)  Molly and Cosette joined us for the talk, and really enjoyed it as well.  (I will share some separate thoughts on the book Educated and this talk in a separate blog post.)

*After the evening talk was done, we drove to Nectar to join some friends and talk about the evening.  It was fun to spend some time with Christy, Debbie, Dawn, Beverley, Terri, Kenton and his wife Gerri.  It was a beautiful evening out sitting around the fire on the outdoor patio.

Christy, Kenton, Gerri

Bev, Terri, Christy

Debbie and I

*As the evening was winding down, I said goodbye and went to my friend Jill’s house to spend the night.  Her son Steven let me in, and it had been a long day, so I went straight to bed. 

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