Gathering Graces 9/4/2018

*I woke  up early, because I had a VIPKID class scheduled for 5 a.m.  It was a student no show, but that is okay.  I got a lot more organized, and I learn more and more each time I have a class scheduled, even if a student doesn’t show up!!
*When I came up from the class, Paul shared with me that our cat Clark has a serious problem.  He had let Clark out like usual in the morning.  Often Clark goes outside for a while, then wants back in.  He lets us know by meowing at the back sliding glass door.  When Paul went to let Clark in, he noticed he had a big black mound in his mouth.  Because of the glare on the sliding glass door, he couldn’t tell what it was.  So Paul went out the back door, and went to investigate.  Much to his surprise, he found that the black mound was a black pair of women’s knee socks, and they were not my socks.  Clark somehow found a pair of black socks somewhere in the neighborhood and brought them home this morning.  So, if there are any neighbors missing a pair of black socks, here is a picture of the “loot” Clark brought home.  Before you know it, he will have his name on the “Ten Most Wanted” list. 

Are these your socks?
*It was nice getting back into the morning routine of walking.  I always feel so much better after a walk.  I came home and wished Paul well on his first day of classes.  So, did it feel weird not going to school today?  No, it didn’t.  I loved seeing all the first day of school photos, but I loved working from home today.  I especially liked the fact I could go outside to walk around a bit, realize that it would feel really good to sit out in the sun, and so I did.  Because I could!!  But I got a lot accomplished today, so I felt really good about the day.
*Paul returned home from work pretty tired, but he had a good day.  He took off for a meeting, then he returned home and we drove uptown to Radio Brewery to have dinner with Bill and Debbie.  We had a great time, great dinner, and a great visit. 
*While at dinner, Bill was keeping track of the tennis match being played in the U.S. Open.  So I decided to check out some tennis for myself, and watched an hour or more of the match  between Rafael Nadal of Spain and Dominic Theim of Austria.  Which was only a fraction of the actual time of their match, which lasted four hours and 49 minutes.  When they were tied toward the very end, I couldn’t stay up and watch anymore.  I remember years ago following tennis much more closely, around the time Andre Aggassi and Pete Sampras were playing.  I always enjoy watching a good tennis match!
*I finished listening to the book Educated by Tara Westover.  It was our book group’s selection for September.  It is also the book the University of Idaho chose for their freshmen to read this year, and the author will be speaking on Monday night at the U of I, and I will be attending the talk.  It was a very interesting book about a girl who grew up in southern Idaho, with no education, and her reflections on her life.  It was a very well written book, and I would recommend it for anyone to read.

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