Gathering Graces 9/8/2018

*Paul, Laurie and I were all up early to prepare for a day of helping set up for Karlie and Daniel’s wedding, and later attend the wedding.
*Paul was up the earliest.  His brother Kevin showed up to pick him up at 6 a.m. so they could drive to Boise and pick up the pastries for the wedding, prepared at Big City Coffee.  When he returned, I woke up and we were off to Black Rock to get coffee.
*Laurie and Paul headed to Kevin and Linda’s house, and eventually both made it to the venue to start work.  I had some computer work I needed to do, so I arrived stayed at Laurie’s house a while longer, then arrived at Juniper Ranch around 10 a.m.  It was so fun helping transform the grounds in to Travel and Adventure themed wedding that Karlie and Daniel envisioned.  All around the grounds, there were old trunks, suitcases, books, globes, maps, and suitcases to accentuate this theme.
*Sometime after noon we all headed out, to return to do some finishing touches on the tables.  Paul and I made a quick trip to Fred Meyer, then returned to Laurie’s house and both took a nap.  Then we got up and got ready for the wedding.
*It was a wonderful evening celebrating my wonderful niece and her new husband.  The evening was absolutely beautiful.  I had fun seeing and visiting with lots of people.  All our immediate family was there. Molly, Travis, Zoe, Cosette and Taylor, so after dinner, we enjoyed dancing the night away on the dance floor.
*We arrived back at Laurie’s house sometime after 11 p.m., and it was shortly after that, we all faded fast and headed to bed.
*It was a very good day.

A sparkling departure

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