Gathering Graces 9/7/2018

*This morning was early, but not for teaching a class.  Instead Paul and I drove to the Spokane International Airport to catch our flight to Boise.  We are travelling to Boise to attend our niece Karlie’s wedding. 
*We had a nice flight, that was not very full, and we made it there about five minutes early to Boise.  We decided to rent a car for the weekend, so we went to the Enterprise Car Rental desk, and Jesus set us up with a Chevy Colorado truck.  He thought we might like to have a truck to use for the wedding weekend, and we said why not.  Here is our “ride” for the weekend.

*We stopped at my new favorite coffee shop in Meridian, Black Rock, which is near Laurie’s house, where we will be staying.  Then we headed out to Juniper Ranch, which is the wedding venue out in Caldwell.  Paul, Laurie and I spent most of the morning unloading chairs, and setting them up. 
*Paul took a break from chair duty to climb on top of Linda’s dad’s fifth wheel to clip tree branches as they drove in to the venue.  Here he is once they made it through the tree clipping project.


*We took a break in the afternoon and went to Laurie’s house to eat lunch and take a break with Laurie and Kent.  Kent and Paul headed back out to work on more projects.  Laurie and I made it back to the venue for the rehearsal and dinner.  Zoe, who is a bridesmaid in the wedding, showed up shortly after we arrived, having made it through the Boise afternoon traffic. 
*The rehearsal and dinner was wonderful.  I had some nice visit with both my sister-in-law Robin and my sister-in-law Michele.  Paul, Laurie and I returned back to her house.  Paul and Laurie went for a run, and I went for a walk, and saw this beautiful sunset.  Then we spent the rest of the evening having a great visit.  But when the clock turned 11 p.m., it was time to go to bed.

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