Gathering Graces 9/21/2018

*I thought it was going to be a chilly day today, but I was surprised when I got out of my car to walk to the mine tour office, and the sun was shining and the temperature was very pleasant. 
*Today is the last day of summer.  What a wonderful summer it has been.  As transformations have happened in my garden throughout the past three months or so, so have transformations happened in my personal life.  I am 40 pounds lighter, and feeling healthier than I have felt in a long time.  I have retired from the job I have had for the past 11 years, and am now finding a new passion teaching children in China how to speak English.  Paul and I are looking at creating our own LLC, and focusing on ways to share our love of the Silver Valley with others.  As the flowers in my garden show their last vibrant colors.....as the plants and vines share their bountiful harvest.....so I feel my life it moving into a place where the past fruits of my interests and passions are coming together.  I look forward to the time of resting this fall and winter to let these ideas and creativity rest and recover, so by spring time, the ideas will be bursting forth with new beauty and new life in our lives.
*As I look over the summer, and the things I have been able to experience, I feel so very blessed.  We started off the summer hosting the KHS Faculty end of year party.  In June, Paul and I attended the Idaho Indian Education Summit in Coeur d’Alene.  Close to home we were able to have a fine crew of family home the first week in July to paint our home.  And what a wonderful job they did.  It was a fun week of working together. Paul and I finished up filming for the feature film project we have been acting in the past few years.  I was able to take a quick trip to Meridian to attend Kyle and Kim Warwick McMorrow’s wedding, and my niece Karlie’s wedding shower.  Paul and I also gifted one another with new bikes this summer, and were able to ride the Hiawatha Bike Trail with Zoe and Jason.  We have also enjoyed parts of the Trail of the Coeur d’Alenes bike trail.  We enjoyed a hike through the Settler’s Cedar Grove with Molly and Travis, and some time exploring and eating in Murray, Idaho. Paul and I were able to “Speak Life” into many children in the Silver Valley while volunteering at the “Dare To Imagine” Camp at the end of July.  At the beginning of August, Paul and I had fun attending his 40th Class Reunion, and providing a little entertainment at the dinner on Saturday night.  Spokane was the location for our August “date night”, when we heard the Spokane Symphony perform in the beautiful Fox Theater in Spokane.  I returned to Spokane a few weeks later with my two siblings to enjoy a sibling outing to Manito Park and the Perry District.   I enjoyed attending the Silver Valley Farmer’s Markets and Sunday family dinners.  I enjoyed visits from family and friends from near and far.  It was fun transforming our back yard space into a beautiful space to spend time.  It was fun to be with all our family at our niece Karlie’s wedding in early September.  I have enjoyed meeting all kinds of interesting people at my job at the mine tour this summer. I traveled to Moscow to hear author Tara Westover speak, and spend some time with Cosette and Taylor.   It has been a summer of blessings!!

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