Gathering Graces 9/29/2017

*The morning began realizing it was the last business day of the month, which means my  city bill and water bill are due before noon at Kellogg City Hall, and the Central Shoshone Water District office uptown.  This summer, Kellogg has been a maze of constructions as a major project fixing pipes below the streets is underway, and the road to City Hall is blocked, so they tell you to drive to Smelterville to get to City Hall.  I drove to Smelterville, made my way back toward City Hall and encountered a big Road Closed sign, and it looked as if two big dump trucks were working and blocking the way to City Hall.  I probably could have gotten through, but I turned around, drove back to Kellogg, went uptown, down McKinley Avenue, and took to the back street of Park Avenue to detour through the construction and make it to City Hall.  And that route worked.  And I got my bill paid.  Then headed east on McKinley and up Main Street, and paid my water bill as well.
*Mom’s utility bills were due as well, so I drove them over to Bill and Debbie’s house and gave bill her water, city, Avista and sewer bill so he could go through the process of paying them and switching them over to his name.
*My goal for today was to get my office cleaned out.  For over a year, it had become a catch of of boxes and piles and no organization whatsoever.  I had created this space to have a place to write and do projects, and a retreat within my home.  It has been anything but that for over a year.  Plus, with people coming this week for Mom’s service on Friday, I would be using my office for a guest room as well, and wanted it cleaned up.  And I did it!!  I drug boxes and made piles and sorted and filled a couple bags of garbage, and it is now presentable and someone can sleep in there.  I still have some piles to go through on my desk.  But I will do that soon, and now I can start using my special space once again.
*But my did that day long project make everything ache.  My feet, my legs, my hips, my back....all needed a nice hot soak in the tub, and that did make things feel much better.
*Paul returned home around 9:30 pm.  He ran the clock at the KHS football game tonight, and neither of us had eaten dinner.  So went to the store, bought a couple of Tuna steaks, grilled them, and put a salad together.  I hadn’t eaten much throughout the day with my push to get my office cleaned out, so it felt good to eat. 
*Project number two for Saturday.....the basement!!!  Stayed tuned for how this big project turns out.

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