Gathering Graces 9/13/2017

*I love talking to students about their future plans, their goals, and how they hope to achieve these goals.  I have a pretty great job when I get to spend the majority of my day doing just this thing.
*After school we gathering as a faculty to talk a bit about the school shooting at Freeman High School.  This shooting was pretty close to home.  And our students play against these students in sports.  I pray no school ever has to deal with this type of senseless tragedy ever again.
*I spent a few hours after work in a chair at Uptown Hair Salon getting my hair cut and colored by Lynette.  My hair is now the colors of an oil slick....blue, purple, yellow and green.  I felt like doing something a little different.  Why not?  It is a fun way to be bold and creative.  I love how it turned out.  You really need to see it in person to appreciate it.  If you don’t think it resembles an oil slick, one student said it reminded her of a peacock.  That is okay, too!!  And it is school picture day tomorrow.  I bet Mrs. Roberts will have the most interesting hair in the whole yearbook!!

*When I got home, we grilled some chicken, roasted some cauliflower and cut up tomatoes and drizzled them with basalmic vinegar.  Why can’t we have delicious tasting tomatoes right out of the garden year round?  They are so wonderful!!
*The roofing project is nearing completion.  The charcoal gray shingles look wonderful. And no more leaky ceilings this winter!!  And it was nice enjoying a smoke free day today!!

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