Gathering Graces 9/15/2017

*I typically stay home on Fridays, but I am trying to get my meetings with the seniors done, so I went in to work today.  Plus, it was school picture day.  Who wants to miss that?
*In talking with one of the seniors today, at the beginning of our talk, he said he didn’t want to go to college.  But he really didn’t know what else he wanted to do either.  As we continued to talk, I explained to him about financial aid, and approximately how much money he would receive to attend college.  This changed everything.  I think part of the reason he didn’t want to go to college was because he didn’t think he could afford it.  Once the money factor was taken out of the equation, we started looking at some of the professional technical programs at North Idaho College, and he found one that sounded interesting.  Now he is going to do some research on this program.  Time spent with this student convinced me even more that these one on one meetings with these seniors is important.
*Between students coming in for their one on one time with me, the outer office at the Counseling Center was bustling with two of our seniors, Logan Jacobson and Rylee Riekena preparing for their “Walk for the Breathless” walk that will take place on Saturday.  This is a walk they have organized as part of their Senior Project, and it is to raise money and awareness for Cystic Fibrosis, which Rylee has, and Primary Cyliary Dyskinesia (PCD), which Lily Ramirez is dealing with.  Lily is the daughter of a co-worker.  I am so proud of these two students, and Paul and I look forward to taking part in the walk tomorrow.
*Paul and I feel like we should each receive our Veterinarian Technician certification after the last few days.  We have quite the schedule of administering medicine to two of our pets.  Toby gets his insulin shot twice a day, and now Sadie gets pain medication three times a day, and antibiotics two times a day.  It is quite a schedule to keep track of!!  But both pets are doing really well.
*I finally sat down and planned out the menu for the reception after Mom’s service here at our house.  Thankfully I had the information still from Molly and Travis’ wedding from last year, and will use the same concept for this dinner.  Meats, cheese, chips, crackers, dips and salads.  And cupcakes for dessert.  We hope many of you who attend the service can come and share a meal with us and visit and tell stories about Mom with all of us.
*I was in the mood for a good grilled steak, so Paul went to Yokes and picked up a couple of steaks and grilled them on the bbq.  We also had a green salad, baked potatoes and corn on the cob.  It was a very delicious dinner.  Grilling days are coming to an end, so I want to take advantage of them while we can still use the bbq.
*I got a new essential oil called Blue Heat that is suppose to help aching muscles.  Paul has been having some lower back pain, so I mixed the oil with some carrier oil (coconut), and put it in roll on bottle to apply to his lower back.  He thinks it may have helped the pain, which is always good news.

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