Gathering Graces 9/20/2017

*We had a brief visit from Molly, Travis and Cosette this evening as they stopped here to drop of their two bunnies, Booker and Dumblebunz, and switch cars, and start their trip to Salt Lake City for their much anticipated event Salt Lake City Comic Con.  I look forward to seeing their pictures of them in their costumes and their encounters with many celebrities.
*It was nice to sit down with the people at KHS who work with students regarding career and counseling, including Dan Lucier, our new guidance counselor, Elana Estill, our college and career counseling person, and Warren Jones, our Upward Bound coordinator.  We were able to map out some events for the fall, and talk about College Application Week, and I look forward to working together with these people throughout the year to help our students in any way we can.
*It was fun attending the first P.E.O. meeting this evening at the home of Ann Haller.  A lot of what this organization is about is supporting women in education, and it was so great to talk about the many various ways we have supported different women including sponsoring one woman for a low interest Educational Loan Fund loan for $12,000, another received a PCE (Program for Continuing Education) grant for $1800, and we awarded two KHS seniors each a $500 scholarship last spring to attend college.  If you are a woman who is attending college after a break in your education, and could use some additional funding, contact me, and we can see if one of these loans or grants could help fund your education.

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