Gathering Graces 9/7/2017

*I read a book a few years ago called The Worst Hard Time by Timothy Egan.  It is an account of people who lived through the Dust Bowl in Oklahoma and the panhandle of Texas in the 1930’s.  There days consisted not only of continuous darkened skies, but dust particles blowing through their land.  As I long for blue skies, and the smoke to retreat from my beautiful Silver Valley, I know somewhere there are people much worse off than myself.  So I know someday soon, blue skies will smile on me again.  Until then, I continue to pray for the firefighters, the people who are losing their land and homes to fire, and pray for an ending to all of this.  And praying for rain!!
*I met with all the seniors today at KHS to share with them some information about things coming up.  I am excited to work with these students, and help them on their way to whatever their future plans are after graduation from high school.
*I had to stop at the District Office to pick up some keys for Paul, and had a nice conversation about Mom with Cindy Burkgart.  She had some very kind things to say about Mom.  As I stood outside for bus duty after school, Roger Grosvenor visited with me about Mom, and how much he enjoyed know her, and how he was sorry for her loss.  This is the part that is helping me the most as I grieve the loss of Mom.  It is the stories.  I love it when people share with me stories about my mom.  I love seeing her through other people’s lenses.  I had my own view of Mom.  I like knowing how other people saw her as well.
*Paul drove to the Coeur d’Alene Resort tonight and took three KHS seniors to the Idaho Humanities Council’s dinner, where the featured speaker was author Jon Meacham.  A benefactor paid for the tickets for Paul and the three students to attend this event, and Paul chose three students who he believed to be intellectually curious, and would enjoy the evening.  Paul said the evening was a success!!  It is always great when we have the chance to expose students to situations, ideas and people they may not be familiar with. 
*Since Paul was not home, I thought some Chinese food from Wah Hing sounded like a great idea.  So I ordered some Kung Pao Shrimp and an order of Egg Rolls, and enjoyed them both.
*Tonight I continued to unwrap items from boxes.  Tonight is was a lot of glassware.  This included water goblets, candlewick glassware, and other types of crystal glasses.  I finally got the china hutch all organized, and dishes put away in it, ready to be used soon for a gathering around our dining room table.
*One of the teapots Mom has had ever since I remember is a dark mauve color.  As I looked at it as it sat on my dining room table, and I looked at it as I placed it on top of the chine hutch, it kind of reminds me of a lamp a Genie would live in.  If I rub the side of it, maybe a Genie will appear!!  Hmmmmm, I wonder what my three wished would be?

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