Gathering Graces 9/30/2017

*The last day of September 2017 was a very productive day.  Paul dashed off to Coeur d’Alene to get his hair cut and buy a new pair of shoes.  I did some writing and reading.  When Paul returned home, we headed to the basement.
*Today our goal was to get the basement area to a place where it could be an “overflow” area if needed for the dinner after Mom’s service on Friday.  As the project started, there were boxes and tables and Christmas decorations and furniture all over the place, in no real semblance of order.  Our goal was to bring some order to the chaos.
*And we almost succeeded.  There are a few things left to put away, but we now have a space for people to watch television, sit by the fire, play pool, listen to music.  Plus we were able to hang a lot of the memorabilia we brought over from Mom’s house, including her spoon collection, her shadow boxes, and some of her antiques from her kitchen.  We got rid of one chair that was down there.  We threw away probably three to four big garbage bags of trash.  I organized some books, and also our DVD collection.  We are still missing DVD’s and DVD cases.  I need to do some more searching for those items.  But after about 10 hours of work, it looks good down there.  We also have an old console stereo of Paul’s grandparents that still
plays LPs.  We grabbed some of our old record albums and put them on the stereo. Toward the end of the evening we listened to some Carly Simon, Bee Gees, Alabama and Neil Diamond.
*My feet and legs were sore by the end of the evening.  I got my big bowl, and put Epsom salt, and some drops of lavender oil and frankensence oil, added some warm water, and soaked my feet.  Later Paul rubbed some Blue Heat essential oil on my back and hip, and that helped immensely. 
*Sunday we tackle the main floor, and get it organized for Friday.  I really just need to throw big celebrations at my home every month, and I would keep it clean.  The last time it was this organized was before Molly’s wedding last September.  I might have to do something big for Christmas!!

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