Gathering Graces 9/21/2017

*I got a little pampering today from Lorri at the Uptown Hair Salon when I received a pedicure.  Mom had received a gift certificate to get a pedicure, and was not able to use it, so I was the lucky one who got to receive the gift.  It felt so good to get my feet and lower legs scrubbed and massaged, and I love the color.  And I am glad to report that my feet look healthy with no callouses or bunions or anything else that would cause me trouble.  Except the pain the my heel continues off and on.  But I have just invested in some better shoes, and that is helping immensely.
*I am not sure how he did it, but our rather large, black three legged cat found a hiding place in our backyard early this evening.  Both Paul and I went out to find him, and did not know where he was.  He eventually showed up on the patio at the sliding glass doors.  But we have not idea where he was hiding himself.
*While I was out trying to find Toby in the backyard, I picked one small little cucumber from the garden.  It was our one and only cucumber harvest of the year.  I am not sure why the cucumbers did so bad.  But so did the beets.  I am bound and determined one of these summers to have a good beet crop!!
*We added a new cast member to the fall show, and it was so nice to meet her, and have her join our group.  We have practiced at our house this week, but now we will begin rehearsing at the theater beginning Monday.
*It was fun to hear from Molly, Travis and Cosette about their first day at the Salt Lake City Comic Con.
*I was a bit chilled last night, so I nice hot bubble bath was just the thing to warm me up.  And it did the trick!

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