Gathering Graces 9/8/2017

*Ahhh Friday.  My stay at home day.  It started off a little slow.  I kept trying to type on my computer, and I kept falling asleep.  But, I persevered and finally finished writing my blog.
*Yesterday I posted about the unique tea pot that looked like a genie’s lamp.  I looked up information on it, and it is called the Aladdin Tea Pot, made by the Hall China Company.  I wish I knew where Mom acquired this teapot.
*After a summer recess, my Huckleberry Book Group gathered together at Vicki’s house up Burke Canyon.  She made a delicious roasted chicken with balsamic-huckleberry glaze.  I roasted some summer squash, tomatoes, garlic and Parmesan cheese to add to the feast.  We also had some bread, a fresh veggie plate and some crackers and dip.  The dip was made from a local woman from Kelly Creek Farms. Dessert and tea ended our lovely time together.  Debby is going to use us as a guinea pig this year to taste test some items she may be making at her teas she will be having at French Gulch Farms this upcoming year.  So today she made a lemon shortbread with a lemon and moscato sabayon.  It was very delicious!!  Oh, we did discuss a book by Fannie Flagg that Vicki and I had a chance to read.  It was called I Still Dream About You.  We both agreed the main character wasn’t that interesting, but the character who dies at the beginning was much more interesting, and we want a book written just about her and her story.
*Tacos were on the menu for dinner tonight.  I made some homemade salsa with tomatoes from the garden.  Then I picked our first mini cabbage.  The fresh ingredients on the tacos made them so delicious.  I wish I could go and pick fresh produce year round in my garden to help prepare meals.
*We had found the DVD Runaway Jury at Mom’s house while packing things up, and Paul suggested we watch it.  I know and I had seen the movie before, but it was long enough ago that I didn’t remember a whole lot about what happened.  I am pretty sure I read the book, too, because I went on a John Grisham kick where I read a lot of his books.  It was a really good movie.
*After the movie I went out into the backyard, looked up at the sky, and actually saw stars peeking through the smoke.  It was so nice to see a few of the stars in the sky twinkling.  The smoke is still giving me a scratchy throat and stuffy nose, but it is definitely getting better.
*The roofing project is close to being done.  Only the section above the garage still needs shingles.  Paul and I will be meeting with the gutter man on Monday to pick out a gutter color.  I can’t believe how much better it looks already.

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