Gathering Graces 9/6/2017

*I can breathe!!  I can breathe!!  I finally had a good night’s sleep because I could breathe!  I found the way that helps me.  I take a 24 hour allergy pill in the early evening.  I use the Neti Pot morning and evening.  And I put my Vapor blend essential oils in the diffuser in my bedroom at night, and that seems to have done the trick!!  Oh, and staying inside with the doors and windows shut to keep the smoke away.
*It was amazing how much more productive I was today at work, because my head wasn’t in a fog.  I felt so much better!!
*Our cat Toby was diagnosed with high blood sugar levels at his recent vet appointment, so, to get the diabetes under control, we purchased some insulin, and learned how to administer it today.  So, from now on, two times a day, we will be inserting a small little needle under Toby’s skin to give him insulin.  He also has to be put on an eating schedule, eating only around the times he gets insulin.  I don’t think he is going to like that every much.

*I have been unpacking boxes brought over from Mom’s house and cleaning them, and putting them away.  Tonight I worked on Candlewick dishes.  I hand washed them in the sink, then put them away in the china hutch.  I loved these dishes when Mom had them.  I thought it was cool that they were glass and see-through.  I can’t wait to have my first dinner party and use these dishes.

*Mom also had some china called Antique Rose.  Our everyday dishes were getting a bit worn and scratched, so I thought...”Life’s too short not to use china every day”.  So, I switched things out, and I now have china as our everyday day dishes.  In making this switch, we also rearranged where things are in the kitchen.  I am still getting used to that!!
*With it being so smoky outside, we have been keeping our newly acquired cat Clark inside more.  He has been adjusting.  When we do let him out in the evening for a while, he is very good to always come in when we call to him.  We are very thankful that Molly and Travis made the sacrifice of letting us keep Clark at our house.  He has been a fun and welcome addition.

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