Gathering Graces 9/12/2017

*For most of the month, and maybe a bit into October, most of my days at work will be spent talking one on one with each of the seniors, talking about their plans after high school, and what they can be doing now to help prepare them for life after graduation.  I am so impressed with these kids, and each day I am going to look so forward to spending time talking to each of them, and seeing what their plans are for the future.
*I continue working on little projects.  It feels good.  This house will be looking good for our gathering time after Mom’s funeral service on October 6th.  I am really looking forward to hosting our friends and family for this time.
*Somehow I got pulled into watching The West Wing again.  This time on Netflix.  This would be the one series I have watched more than any other.  I have lost track of how many times I have watched the whole series, all seven seasons, but I know it is over ten times.  I love this show, and it never gets old.  And I always laugh at the same spots, cry at the same spots, and am amazed by creator and writer Aaron Sorkin’s creative ability.  He still can surprise me, even after watching the same thing over ten times.  This show began in 1999, almost 20 years ago.  And the issues they were dealing with on the series, we as a country are still grappling with today. 

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