Gathering Graces 9/22/2017

*Yay!  It is Friday, and I get to do what I want today.  The morning began with a meeting at the School District Office meeting with our Business Manager, getting all my end of the year invoicing figured out.  If all goes as planned, it looks like I spent all but $30 in my budget, which is good!!
*After my meeting, Christy picked me up at the house, and we went to the Food Bank to drop off some canned goods, then went to The Bean to enjoy some coffee.  We had a nice visit about a lot of different things, and I also saw some people come into the coffee shop I hadn’t seen in a while.  It was a fun morning.
*Time at home was spent dusting, organizing, cleaning, etc.  I loved having the rest of the day at home.
*I have been wanting to use the tomatoes from our garden to make Minestrone soup, so I got the recipe out from when I prepared it in Italy last summer, and made it.  Most of the tomatoes in the soup were from our garden, as was the Swiss Chard and the fresh thyme.  I turned out so good, and was just the right thing to celebrate the first day of autumn.
*I also made my first batch of gluten free biscuits.  I am trying to avoid eating white flour and white sugar.  I had purchased a gluten free flour blend last summer that I had never used.  There was a recipe for biscuits on the back, so I made the recipe, and added some Italian seasoning and grated Parmesan cheese to the dough, and they turned out really good.  They also had kind of a nutty flavor, because of the brown rice used in the flour.  And instead of putting sugar in the recipe, I used Stevia.  I will definitely be making those biscuits again.
*Speaking of Italy, I look forward to the day when I can sit down, go through all my photographs, and really take some time and write about all I experienced and saw, and write some thoughts down on paper.  It was such an incredible three weeks that I don’t want to ever forget it. 
*I am really enjoying having essential oils.  I did some research tonight on how best to use them.  I put different combinations in my diffuser at night, but I have also been looking at topical applications.  I soaked my feet tonight in Epsom salts with Lavender and Frankincense oils.  I also put Frankincense on my feet in the morning and at night.  I have a sore on one of my feet and I put Melaleuca (Tea Tree) oil on it every night to help with the healing.  I am looking forward to continuing to learn more about ways to use the oils.

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