Gathering Graces 9/4/2017

*Happy Labor Day!!
*Still dealing with some sore throat, stuffiness and burning eyes.  Didn’t sleep much again.  Very smoky today.
*My friend MaryKay Lyons Hanson came over this morning to visit and pray with me, and share some encouraging scriptures.  It was just what I needed.  We talked about her experience when her mom died a few years ago, and I was so blessed by her visit.
*Paul and I headed over to Mom’s house and worked on clearing out items in her garage.  We went through tools to see what should be kept in the garage for Bill and Debbie, and what should be taken away.  Christy came toward the end of our project and helped sort through some of the items in the cupboards in the garage.  It was nice to get that project finished.
*Our roofing project is making progress.  They got all the old shingles off.  I felt very sorry for them having to work in this smoky atmosphere.
*Once we got home, we holed up in the house, and didn’t go outside.  I still felt stuffy, with a sore throat and itchy eyes.  Later in the day, Paul went to the store for some dinner, and bought me some allergy medication, and that helped.  I also started using the Neti-Pot to help clean out my nasal passages.  That was also a big help.
*The night before the first day of school is not as nerve racking as it was when I was younger.  I remember anticipating the first day of school with both nervousness and excitement.  I did get my clothes out for the next day, and got things ready for the first day of school.

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