Gathering Graces 8/31/2017

*We started the morning off at school with freshman orientation.  Each year the KHS staff introduces themselves, and the principal, Curt Randall Bear, poses a question to us to answer.  This year the question was, “If you had a do over in your life, what would it be?”  I said my do  over would be the next time I traveled to Italy, I would take Mr. Roberts with me.
*The roofing project continues to move forward.  They almost have all the old shingles scraped off.  We have a very large roof. 

*Paul and I took the afternoon off so we could travel to Moscow.  One reason was to deliver the two bunnies, Booker and Dumblebunz, back to Molly and Travis.  They were very excited to be reunited with their bunnies.
*The second reason was to attend the University of Idaho football game to see Cosette march in the Vandal Marching Band.
*After we dropped off the bunnies at Molly and Travis’, we went downtown and had some delicious Greek food at The Mad Greek restaurant. 
*After dinner we went to the Kibbie Dome to watch the game.  During the pregame show, we kept trying to find Coco, but couldn’t see those buck drummers anywhere.  It turns out the other buck drummer got a bloody nose right before they were going to head out to the field, so Coco stayed back to help her get it under control.  (She was fine for the rest of the evening.)
*It was so nice to visit with Coco after their awesome half-time performance, and see her energetic and feeling much better after her health issues in August.  She seems to be doing well.  She does need to gain a little bit a weight, but that will come in time. (Yes, that is the voice of a mother talking),
*After watching the Vandals beat the Sacramento State Hornets 28-6, we headed to Buffalo Wild Wings for a quick bite to eat before driving back to Kellogg.  Molly and Travis joined us and we had a fun evening.

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