Gathering Graces 9/19/2017

*I ordered some roses to be planted in an old bathtub my friend Jane got rid of.  Each rose is in memory of one of our dogs or cats that has passed away.  (We have had quite a few!!)  The forecast looks good for Saturday to have some good weather to get these roses planted!!
*The end of my fiscal year for my job ends in September.  So I am busy getting my final invoicing done for my 2016-2017 Gear Up year.  It will be done to have this project completed!!
*I finally got some parent nights scheduled to help senior parents with the FAFSA process.  The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), opens October 1 for students who plan to attend college in the fall of 2018.  Often this application can be a bit intimidating for first-timers, so it is nice to have a night where parents can come and get a little help filling out the application.
*We have two seniors this year who are pursuing applying to military academies.  What dedication and drive these two students possess in this process.  I marvel as I talk to them about all the steps they have to go through to make this happen.
*My roots come from the border of Tennessee and Kentucky.  This is where my dad’s side of my family comes from, the Woolums and the Wilsons.  Tonight as we were practicing and listening to songs, Gordon said my southern roots showed forth as I belted out one of the songs I will be singing in the upcoming performance.  I hope to some day visit Tennessee and Kentucky, and visit and meet family members there, and find where Grandma Woolum grew up.  And while we take that particular trip, Paul can explore his roots in the great state of Arkansas.
*It continued to rain today.  There was snow up on Silver Mountain, the local ski resort, and on Lookout Pass, the pass on the Idaho/Montana border. 

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