Gathering Graces 9/11/2017

*It is one of those moments in history we all remember where we were when we found out.  I remember being at home that morning, getting ready to go to work, and Paul was getting ready to go to school.  We were not watching television, so we had no idea what had happened that morning.  One of Paul’s co-workers called, and told him what had happened.  That an airplane had crashed into the Twin Towers in New York City.  We turned on the radio, and started listening the the National Public Radio’s reporting of the incident.
*I was working at the Shoshone News Press at the time, as a reporter.  When I got to work, contact had been made with a young woman who had worked at the newspaper the year before who was now in New York City.  A reporter got a hold of her, and heard her story of what was happening.  I remember trying to find local angles of the event.
*It wasn’t until 2012 when I actually visited Ground Zero in NYC, and the 9 11 Memorial that I understood the magnitude of what happened that day.  I stand amazed by the fact that the two largest buildings in the country, plus an airplane collapsed in the small area of Manhattan, and how many buildings still stand in that small little area is a miracle.  And the stories people told of those days following, and the miracles and the people working together.  Yes it was a tragedy.  Yes, the ground zero workers were exposed to many factors that caused them to have health issues.  But, through this horrible tragedy, the stories shared of the goodness that followed are what I focus on, and is a part of my remembrance of this event.
*A nice, sunny, smoke-free day in the Silver Valley, with the Air Quality Index at “Good”.  That really made a difference!!
*More washing glassware tonight, and cleaning out the buffet of all the junk that has accumulated in it over the years, and organizing my linens better in the drawers and cupboard of the buffet.  I keep doing one little project at a time, and I am making progress!  We are hosting the dinner after Mom’s service on October 6th, so my goal is to have everything cleaned and organized by that day.
*The heel that gave me trouble right before I left Italy was really hurting yesterday, because I wore the wrong kind of shoes to work.  So this motivated me to go online and purchase some shoes that I hope will provide the support I need and keep my heel pain free.

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