Gathering Graces 9/3/2017

*I had a really bad night’s sleep last night.  I was stuffed up, my throat hurt, and I was head-achy.  I think it is from the smoke in the air.  But our smoke it not as bad as what they are dealing with in other parts of the northwest.  I am so thankful for our fire fighters, and pray for their safety as they are out fighting these forest fires.  Many friends and former students are out risking their lives every day to fight these fires, and I am so grateful.  Here is where all the fires are in our neck of the woods.

*Cosette was up and out the door as she drove back to Moscow this morning.  It was sure nice having her around to help celebrate her birthday, and we look forward to seeing her next week when travel to Moscow for the next Vandal Football game.
*I felt very loved at church this morning.  It means so much to me when people come up and ask how I am doing, then share with me a story about Mom.  Some know how I am feeling, because they have lost their parent.  I was touched by my friend DeAnn’s words as she shared about working with Mom at one time in the school district, and how she appreciates what I have been writing in my blog.  Her words meant a lot to me.  I love people talking to me about Mom, and what she meant to them.  In the 17 years we have lived back here in Kellogg, I don’t think I have ever heard anyone say a bad word about Mom. 
*After church Paul and I went and picked up April M Lee and Eric Lee to drive them to the airport as they travel back to their home in Italy.  We all had a really good visit, and toward the end of the drive it turned to a discussion of  All the President’s Men, and the parallels happening in today’s political climate.  And through my discussion’s of this book and Watergate, Cosette shared yesterday about a movie coming out later this month called Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down The Whitehouse.  I remember in the past reading the book, and speculating who Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward’s anonymous source Deep Throat could be.  Then about 10 years ago I found out it was a fellow Idaho native and University of Idaho alum Mark Felt. 
*It was a bit of a tearful goodbye as I hugged Eric and April at the airport so bid them adieu as they fly back to Italy.  But I know Paul and I plan to visit there in the future, so I look forward to making plans to visit them sometime soon.
*When we arrived home, Paul and I went to Mom’s house (I think it will be referred to as Mom’s house until Bill and Debbie officially take over as residents).  Christy was there going through books, so we helped box books up and empty shelves.  Paul moved some furniture over to Christy and Everett’s house.  He loaded up the pick up with other furniture to deliver to our house.  We loaded up other items in the car to deliver to our house.  Christy, Everett, Paul and I had quite a productive afternoon.
*We acquired some shelves from Christy that we put in Cosette’s bedroom, which is being transformed into the Music/Paul’s office room. 
*My nose and throat continued to bother me, so I tried to get some sleep.  Still pretty stuffy as I went to bed.  But again, my minor affliction is nothing compared to those men and women fighting the fires on the frontlines.

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