Gathering Graces 9/17/2017

*Being in church seems to be one of the toughest places to be regarding missing Mom.  I think some of it is people being kind and thoughtful, and asking how I am doing, and the love I am shown.  Some is experiencing the moving of God’s spirit, and being sensitive to His love as well. 
*It was cold in the church building today, so it felt good to come home and heat up some leftover chili for lunch.  That warmed me right up!
*I got all the houseplants inside.  We added a few new pieces of furniture to the dining room area, and that helped to have a new place for a couple of the plants.  I also finally found the area my three to four foot angel-wing begonia will be placed.  It love having all the green plants in the dining room/TV room area, as well as a few in the living room.  Now to make sure they stay watered and healthy. 
*I had purchased a pork sirloin roast and decided to fix it for dinner tonight.  I rubbed the roast in a mixture of spices and olive oil, and roasted it in the oven.  I also cut some corn off the cobs of corn I had fixed a couple of nights ago, and heated them up  in a frying pan full of melted butter.  And I cubed some potatoes, coated them with olive oil and Old Bay Seasoning, and roasted them in the oven.  I added a little canned applesauce I made last fall, and it was a very fall-like meal we enjoyed tonight.
*One of the items we put in the dining room/TV room area was an old radio/phonograph of my Grandma Woolum’s house in Spokane.  It also comes with four folders of old 75 records.  These records include music of Gene Autry, Kay Kaiser and even former Spokane resident Bing Crosby singing White Christmas.  As I looked through the albums, I tried to imagine my Grandma listening to this music, and wonder if she chose to purchase each particular record, or if it was Uncle Bill, or Aunt Ruth or Dad that helped choose each album.  Do you remember Grandma Woolum’s radio Linda Northcutt?
*I got the dining room table cleaned off of old dishes I boxed up, and other items that were put away, or boxed up to give away.  Little by little, progress is being made.
*It was nice to hear the rain falling as I got in bed last night.  I am sure one of the meteorologists can tell me how many days we have gone without a significant rainfall.  All I can say is, it has been a very long time, which is very unusual for Kellogg, Idaho.  I love the sound of rain.

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