Gathering Graces 9/25/2017

*More visits with seniors today.  What a privilege to sit down with these young men and women and talk about their future plans.  Today I talked to students who want to go into outdoor recreation management, one wants to be an oncologist, and one wants to perhaps be a botanist, and another study business.  The possibilities are quite endless at this time in a student’s life.  One things that helps is having some kind of plan, and hopefully I am helping a little bit with that part.
*Cooked fried cabbage with cheddar jalapeno sausages were on the menu for tonight.  I love cabbage.
*As I get back to work I feel like I get on autopilot sometimes.  Get up.  Walk.  Come home. Write  on computer.  Get ready for work. Eat breakfast. Drive to work.  Work in office.  Go to lunch.  Come back to work.  Work in office.  Come home.  Watch TV.  Fix dinner,  Eat dinner.  Go to rehearsal.  Come home.  Watch TV.  Get ready for bed.  Go to bed.  Read book.  Turn out light.  Fall asleep. (Wake up the next day and repeat).
*Rehearsal was moved up to the theater tonight, and it was fun making our way through the playlist of songs and singing with the other cast members.  I also had a fun conversation with one of the cast members about her love of musical theater.  She said she had heard a rumor that we had named our youngest daughter Cosette after the character from Les Miserable.  I told her, yes, it was true.  This lead to her talking about her love of that musical and some of her other favorites.  I also shared with her the story of me seeing Les Miserable for the first time, and my reaction to the Finale, as they did a reprise of Do You Hear The People Sing, and how I burst into tears, because I was so touched by the scene. 
*Clark gets a little stir crazy being inside all day, and this afternoon he started chasing and fighting with our oldest cat, Benjamin (who is a girl), so we let him out for a while to run off some of his energy.  Poor Benjamin.  She really would rather not have Clark pay her any attention at all.

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