Gathering Graces 7/9/2017

*This morning we attended the Catholic church in Barbarasco and listened to the Mass in Italian.  I am glad I am somewhat familiar with the way Mass works, so some parts seemed familiar.  We also had a paper where we could follow along.  I wish we could have understood the sermon.  From the priest’s facial expression and the response from the congregation, it seemed like it was a very positive and uplifting message he was sharing.
*April, Kellee and I were very surprised at the beauty of the inside of the church.  The outside looks very plain, but the inside is beautiful.  Here are some shots of the interior of the church.

On a side wall

The front of the church

Stairs to the balconey
*There was a small choir of about 20 people or so that were singing from behind the altar.  It sounded like it was about 50 or more people singing.
*The first song they sang was to the tune of Pomp and Circumstance, the song you walk in to during graduation.  In doing some research, it looks like the name of the song is Christ is Surely Coming, Bringing His Reward.  The other part of the service that was familiar was when they recited the Apostle’s Creed.  Even though it was spoken in Italian, I could follow along pretty closely and know what they were saying.

The Apostle's Creed
*After church people gathered outside the building to greet one another before driving or walking home.

Heading around the church toward home.

Walking through the park toward home.

Women visiting after the service.

*We walked home through the village, and had a funny encounter with two geese behind a fence.  They came up and greeted us, and “talked” for a while.  Here is a photo I took of the geese a couple days before.

We encountered these two chatty geese again on our walk home from church.
*We had a nice relaxing lunch on the portico and talked about where we would like to visit when we go to Florence on Tuesday.  There are lots of different places we would like to go.
*Later in the afternoon (once the store was open), we went to buy groceries.  Kellee, Tina and I were taking over dinner duties for the next two nights.  I did all the shopping on my own and felt very accomplished at being able to purchase all the ingredients needed for tonight’s dinner.
*Tonight’s menu included Shrimp Carbonara, sauteed zucchini (the zucchini’s were from April’s neighbor’s garden), cucumbers, tomatoes and onions in oil and vinegar, bread, and some wafer cookies for dessert. 

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