Gathering Graces 7/16/2017

*I woke up, poured me a cup of coffee from the pot Paul fixes every morning, and headed over to Kindred to be with Mom. 
*Mom was still in bed when I arrived, and she wanted the lights dimmed while she was in bed.  I dimmed the lights, and she had a restless morning in bed.  Before lunchtime she rallied a bit and was ready to get in her clothes and sit up in the wheelchair so she could have some lunch.  Right after she was settled in her wheelchair, Sue and Joe Kerns arrived to visit with Mom.  Sue and Joe have been so good to Mom over the years, and visit her often when they are in town.  I stayed until Mom’s lunch arrived, then I went home so Joe and Sue could enjoy visiting with Mom while she ate lunch.
*I spent most of the afternoon catching up on my Gathering Graces posts.  It was fun going over my lists I write in a journal that help me keep track of what I am going to write about each day, and to think about my last days in Italy, and what an amazing time I had while I was there.  I am glad I have my daily writings and photographs to remind me of those incredible days in Italia.
*It was much cooler today, so I went outside and enjoyed laying down and reading in my hammock for a while after lunch.  I also walked around the backyard and took some pictures of red things to post on a Facebook group I belong to of local garden enthusiasts who post photos from their personal gardens.  It was fun to see all the red that I found in my backyard.
*Paul went over to spend time with Mom during her dinnertime.  This allowed Christy time to go home and have dinner with Everett.  She was planning on coming back around 7 p.m.  But plans changed.  I received a text from her saying she couldn’t come back over to Kindred because her dog Annie was really sick and she needed to stay with her.  About 30 minutes later, I received a text saying Annie had died.  Christy and Everett were heartbroken.  Annie had been doing pretty well, but, as Christy said, she was glad she went quickly and didn’t suffer. 
*Zoe and I went and joined Paul at Kindred once Mom had her pajamas on and was in bed.  She was still a bit restless, and didn’t seem ready for sleep quite yet.  She didn’t want her glasses or her wig off quite yet.  Eventually she was ready for her glasses to come off.  When she took her wig off, I asked if she wanted me to brush her hair.  The feeling of having her hair brushed seemed to soothe her and calm her.  I was thankful for that, and she seemed a little more restful as we slipped out of her room and headed for home.
*It was still nice out on the patio when we came home.  Paul and I enjoyed a nice visit outside until it got a little too cold and we had to go inside.  I was able to stay up a little longer last night, and didn’t fall asleep quite so early.  Paul was even able to give me a good night kiss....something I hadn’t received in a while, because I had been falling asleep so quick and so early the last few nights.

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