Gathering Graces 7/22/2017

*The day began with a big hug from Zoe as she departed for her home back in Caldwell for a couple of weeks.  We will miss her, because it has been so great having her here for the summer.
*When I arrived at Kindred this morning, Mom was in her wheelchair, and they were making her bed.  They got her dressed and back into bed, and she was ready to rest.  While I was there I turned on Mom’s Smart TV, and pulled up a radio interview my sister-in-law Debbie and her group Babes With Axes has done on Friday for Mom and I to listen to. Babes With Axes was having a reunion concert in Eugene, Oregon tonight.  It was fun listening to the interview, and hearing a few of the songs that the group would be performing at the concert.
*Mom’s friend Mary Pierce arrived for a visit, so I left so they could visit together.  Mary asked me a bit about my trip to Italy, and asked if I had made it to Croatia, because that is where her mother was from.  I said, no I was only in Italy.
*Paul went over and sat with Mom in the afternoon.  She was too sleepy to get up for lunch, and Mom slept the whole time Paul was there with her.
*I enjoyed some time in the backyard this afternoon, eating lunch and spending a bit of time on my hammock.  It was nice to have a relaxing afternoon to just be.

Mom enjoying a beautiful evening in the gazebo in front of Kindred.
*I returned to Kindred and Mom was up in bed, and had eaten some dinner, and was quite alert.  She got some help to get into her wheelchair, and Paul and I took her out to the gazebo located in front of Kindred, and enjoyed the beautiful summer evening.  What a gorgeous view of the mountains surrounding Kellogg from the gazebo, and the blue sky against the dark green mountains was breathtaking.  Yes, I think I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world!! Christy and Everett soon joined us, and we all had a nice visit together.
*Paul and I returned home and had some dinner out on the patio, and then Paul said he thought he might like to see a movie.  I looked at the options on Netflix, and said, “How about a Disney movie?”  Zoe had given us some good reviews about Moana, so we started it, but didn’t quite make it all the way through. We will finish it on Sunday evening.

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