Gathering Graces 6/29/2017

*Today we visited Cinque Terre, an area of Italy consisting of five villages all together.  We visited two of the five villages, Manarola and Riomaggiore. 
*Manarola is one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited.  The lovely colored buildings, the view of the Ligurian Sea, the people on the streets.  It was all very beautiful.
*Riomaggiore was also beautiful.  I visited a lot of fun shops, drank some caffe, and ended the day eating a cone full of deep fried seafood.
*While in Riomaggiore, Kellee had a pidgeon land on her head. 
*On the was home on the train, we arrived at our final destination, La Spezia, and April and Eric got off the train, but the doors shut, and the rest of us were left on the train and headed for who knew where!!  Fortunately, is was a small village right down the tracks, and we got off and April and Eric came and got us in the car.  A funny end to a wonderful day.
*Sherri cracked open the bottle of wine she received for her birthday and shared it with us, and we had a good time visiting with her, since she would be leaving after lunch on Friday to continue her Italian travels on her own until she goes back home to Oregon.

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