Gathering Graces 7/17/2017

*Today was a crazy day filled with some twists, turns and wonderful surprises.
*I headed over to see Mom this morning, and she was in bed but awake.  At one point Jenny the Kindred Social Worker came in and said Mom would be moved to a private room today, once it was cleaned.  I signed the papers and made it official, and we waited until it was time to move!!
*Around 10 a.m. I received a text from my boss at the mine tour asking if our wires had crossed and why I wasn’t at work.  Oh man.  Yes, wires were definitely crossed.  I had received an email a few weeks ago while in Italy saying I would work the 18, 19 and 20th.  I received the final work schedule on Friday, saying I would work the 17, 18 and 19.  I still had it in my head I would be working the 18, 19 and 20.  Fortunately things got covered at the mine tour.  It reminded me I need to get a little better focused since returning to the “real world” after my trip.
*Christy arrived at Kindred around 10 so I left and did some grocery shopping for dinner and came home.  Mom got moved into her new room around 1 p.m.  Zoe headed over to be with Mom and helped Christy get all Mom’s things into her new room.  Mom seems to really like her new room.  And so does the rest of the family!
*Paul and I headed over to see her room later in the afternoon.  It is nice a sunny with a view of the back courtyard area.  She has a window she can open for fresh air.  Her room number is now 400 if you care to stop and visit.  Zoe went over to her house and got a few personal items to put on her shelves and walls, and Paul brought her other green wing chair over, so now there are two comfortable wing chairs for visitors to sit in.
*I left to get dinner fixed, and came back at 5.  I spent some time reading her the local newspaper.  We read an article about Frontier Days in Smelterville.  I remember a few summers helping Mom work at the Silver King PTA booth under the grandstands at Ferd Stadium selling corn dogs to raise money.  I also read her the Kellogg Police Roll Call, which is always good for a few laughs, and an article about Ernest Hemmingway and Andy Rooney being in France in WWII at around the same time.
*In the midst of eating dinner and listening to me read her the newspaper, Mom saw Dr. McDonald briefly, who was visiting patients at Kindred today.  Later Kristine, one of the Hospice nurses, came in and met with Mom and asked her questions, and I talked with her and myself, and I am now more clear on the care that Hospice will be providing for Mom.
*After a very full day of being awake and alert, Mom was ready to get in her pajamas and lay down for the night.  I went home, and Christy joined her a little later. 
*I got home and Paul had grilled some fish.  I added some of the fruit salad I had made earlier, as well as some green salad, and joined Paul on the patio.  I love having our new fountain running next to the patio.  The sound of running water is always so soothing.  It started cooling down, so I went inside and realized I wanted something cold to drink besides water, so Paul ran to the store, and came back with some Henry Weinhard’s Root Beer and Cream Soda.  The root beer on ice hit the spot!!

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