Gathering Graces 7/7/2017

*Another early morning getting up early and enjoying a quiet house, and listening to the sounds outside of Villa Magnolia.
*One of April’s friends, who is also teaching her Italian, Federica Furia stopped by today, and we enjoyed meeting her and spending a bit of time getting to know her.
April, Tina, Federica, Me, Kellee
*After Federica departed, we decided to walk up to Barbarasco to a little place we saw on our walk the day before to have lunch.  On the way we passed a building we had seen the day before, and today, there goats were lounging on the stairs next to this building.
*What a delightful time.  The food was delicious, and we met the owner, Mauritzia.  She invited us to their Karaoke Night on Saturday.  I also got to enjoy my first cup of Ginseng Caffe at lunch today.  It was very good.  At one point when we are visiting with Mauritzia, her neighbor Rosalie from across the alley opens up her window and they exchange greetings.  We all felt like we were on the set of an Italian movie.
Mauritzia and April

The sign outside the bar.

Ginseng Caffe
*When we got home, I got some things caught up on the computer and had time for a short nap, and to get some laundry done.
*The day before, Lucia Bonotti invited April, Kellee and I over to her house for coffee.  So after dinner we walked about two blocks to her house and had the most delightful evening with Lucia and her daughter Anna Masotti.  They have a lovely backyard with a beautiful gazebo, and she served us some delicious treats along with caffe.  It was a lovely evening enjoyed by all.
Their cute dog was part of the party, too.

Kellee, Lucia, Myself, April. Photo by Anna.

The Gazebo and Lucia's beautiful hydrangea bush.
*Even though I have enjoyed all the incredible sights of the places we have visited here in Italy, my most favorite part of my time here are the people I have met, whether they have been friends of Eric and April, or people in a shop or restaurant, my favorite part of this trip has been meeting and talking with new people.

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